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False Claim Circulates: Misinformation Account Shares Distorted CCTV Footage of Brutal Attack
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False Claim Circulates: Misinformation Account Shares Distorted CCTV Footage of Brutal Attack

In this blog post, we investigate an incident that a Pakistan-based misinformation propaganda account distorted. The incident involves a sensitive CCTV footage depicting a man attacking another with a shovel. The account shared the video with a false claim that an upper-caste Hindu individual brutally attacked a retired Dalit PAC inspector.. However, the truth behind the incident tells a different story altogether.

The Facts: 

The attack captured in the video took place in May 2023 at Sikheda village in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. The assailant, identified as Zarif Ansari, brutally thrashed the retired Dalit PAC inspector, Garibdas. The motive behind the attack stemmed from Zarif’s suspicion that his wife was involved in an illicit relationship with Garibdas. It is essential to note that the incident has no connection to any upper-caste Hindu involvement, as falsely claimed.

Misleading Tweets:

Tweet by @SAHR_Watch: Link: Misleading Tweet This tweet from a Pakistan-based misinformation propaganda account shared the sensitive CCTV footage, attaching a false claim that a retired Dalit PAC inspector was brutally beaten by an upper-caste Hindu individual. The purpose behind circulating this video was to incite hate between communities in India. (archive)

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

To uncover the truth behind the misleading claims, D-Intent, a dedicated organization combatting misinformation, conducted a comprehensive fact-checking process. They discovered the following sources that shed light on the incident:

Article by ABP Live: Link: Fact-Checking Source ABP Live provided details of the incident, confirming that Zarif Ansari had assaulted Garibdas due to suspicions about his wife. The article refuted the false claim of upper-caste Hindu involvement.

Article by Free Press Journal: Link: Fact-Checking Source The Free Press Journal covered the shocking incident, highlighting the CCTV footage that surfaced. It emphasized the motive behind the attack, attributing it to suspicions of an extramarital affair.

Tweet by Muzaffarnagar Police: Link: Fact-Checking Source The official Twitter account of the Muzaffarnagar Police shared information about the incident, providing context and validating the facts behind the attack.

Intent Behind the Incident: 

The intent of the Pakistan-based misinformation propaganda account circulating this distorted video was to spread hate and division between communities in India. By altering the narrative and falsely attributing the attack to an upper-caste Hindu individual, they aimed to exploit existing societal tensions and fuel communal disharmony.


The incident involving the circulation of a manipulated video falsely implicating an upper-caste Hindu individual in the brutal attack of a retired Dalit PAC inspector highlights the alarming spread of misinformation. By presenting the facts and debunking the misleading claims, we can understand the true intent behind such incidents. It is crucial for individuals to exercise critical thinking, verify information, and avoid contributing to the dissemination of false narratives that can lead to social unrest and hostility.

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