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False Claim of Moulvi Kissing Girl During Wedding Ceremony

In the age of social media, it’s become increasingly important to critically evaluate the information we encounter. Recently, a video began circulating on various platforms depicting a man giving blessings and kissing a young girl, suggesting it was a Moulvi (Islamic cleric) involved in an inappropriate act during a wedding ceremony. However, upon investigation, it was revealed that the video was not only misleading but also outdated, dating back to August 2020. In this blog post, we will delve into the incident, expose the misleading tweets, discuss the fact-checking efforts carried out by D-Intent, and ultimately shed light on the true intent behind the incident.

The Incident: 

The video in question emerged on a Pakistani Facebook page, which claimed that the man shown was the father of the girl, not a Moulvi as falsely alleged. This distinction is crucial in understanding the nature of the incident. The original video was uploaded in August 2020, meaning it had already been in circulation for nearly three years before resurfacing and being misrepresented.

Misleading Tweets:

The first misleading tweet was shared by user Akash (@Akash9664). [1] This tweet included a video link and claimed that a Moulvi had kissed a girl during a wedding ceremony. However, the video provided no evidence to support this claim. Furthermore, the misleading nature of the tweet was compounded by the fact that the video was outdated and had no connection to recent events.

The second misleading tweet was shared by user Anita Singh (@Singh_Anita00). [2] In this tweet, a link to another video was provided, with the caption suggesting a Moulvi’s involvement in an inappropriate act during a wedding. Once again, the video lacked any concrete evidence to substantiate the claim. Moreover, it turned out to be the same outdated video previously discussed.

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

To address the misinformation being spread, D-Intent, an organization dedicated to combating false narratives, conducted a thorough fact-checking process. Their investigation involved verifying the authenticity of the video and its contextual details. Through their efforts, they were able to identify the original source of the video on a Pakistani Facebook page. This finding confirmed that the man in the video was, in fact, the girl’s father and not a Moulvi.

The Intent Behind the Incident: 

While the intent behind the resurfacing and circulation of this misleading video can only be speculated upon, it is clear that it aims to target a particular community. Extremists are exploiting the video’s provocative nature to spread false claims and incite hatred. By misrepresenting an innocent familial gesture, they seek to fuel prejudice and perpetuate stereotypes. It is essential for us, as responsible consumers of information, to critically evaluate such content and not fall prey to divisive agendas.


The circulation of misleading videos with false claims is a pervasive issue in today’s digital landscape. In the case of this video featuring a man giving blessings and kissing a girl, it was falsely portrayed as a Moulvi’s inappropriate act during a wedding ceremony. However, diligent fact-checking by organizations like D-Intent helps unveil the truth behind such incidents. By remaining vigilant and questioning the veracity of content we encounter, we can collectively combat the spread of misinformation and uphold the values of accuracy and fairness in our online discourse.


Akash’s misleading tweet: Link Archived version: Link

Anita Singh’s misleading tweet: Link Archived version: Link

Fact-Checking Link: Original video on Facebook: Link

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