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The Manipur Actress Image Controversy: Unveiling False Claims and Digital Manipulation
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False Claims and Digital Manipulation: The Manipur Actress Image Controversy

In the age of social media, misinformation spreads like wildfire, often causing significant harm to individuals and communities. Recently, a digitally altered image of Manipur actress Soma Laishram holding a placard has been circulating on various social media platforms, accompanied by false claims. This blog aims to delve into the incident, expose the misleading tweets, highlight the fact-checking efforts by D-Intent, and shed light on the true intent behind this controversy.

The Incident: 

A digitally manipulated image of actress Soma Laishram, depicting her holding a placard, has caused uproar on social media platforms. The fake placard reads, “Manipur Stands For Discrimination And Communal Riots,” deliberately misrepresenting the actress’s stance on important social issues. The image was widely shared, leading to a wave of outrage and confusion among netizens.

Misleading Tweets: 

Misleading tweet

Several Twitter accounts, such as @Benglam10, played a significant role in propagating the digitally manipulated image with false claims. Two specific tweets caught the attention of concerned users:

  1. The first tweet, originally posted by @Benglam10, included the manipulated image and accompanying text, falsely attributing the offensive message to Soma Laishram. Tweet 1 Archive
  2. Another tweet from the same account further perpetuated the false claims, amplifying the manipulated image and contributing to the spread of misinformation. Tweet 2 Archive

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

Fact checking tweet

In the face of widespread confusion and outrage, fact-checking organization D-Intent took the initiative to investigate the authenticity of the image and its accompanying claims. Their findings shed light on the truth:

  1. D-Intent discovered the original image posted by Soma Laishram on her official Instagram account. In the unaltered picture, the placard reads, “Manipur Stands For Diversity And Communal Harmony.” Original Image on Instagram
  2. Additionally, D-Intent conducted thorough research and cross-referenced multiple sources to verify the authenticity of the image. Their investigation confirmed that the manipulated image being circulated was indeed a fabrication. Fact-Checking Link on Facebook

The Intent: 

Digging deeper into the incident, it becomes clear that certain accounts on social media platforms engaged in a deliberate act of spreading propaganda and false information to tarnish the image of actress Soma Laishram. The intention behind this malicious campaign remains unclear, but it is evident that the individuals behind it aimed to incite anger, division, and harm the reputation of the actress.


The incident involving the digitally manipulated image of Manipur actress Soma Laishram holding a misleading placard serves as a stark reminder of the power of misinformation in today’s digital landscape. Despite the efforts of fact-checking organizations like D-Intent, false claims and manipulated images can spread rapidly, causing significant damage. It is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant, question the authenticity of information, and rely on verified sources before drawing conclusions. Only through collective awareness and responsible consumption of information can we combat the detrimental effects of misinformation.


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