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Fact CheckMeer Faisal

Meer Faisal a journalist or religious hate spreader

Meer Faisal a so called journalist deliberately spreading fake news , misleading information on social media . He spreads religious hatred because he works for the anti-India ecosystem The Wire, Maktoob Media,Al Jazeera,TRT, Article 14 etc.(1/8) A thread to show his associations

As he uses religious card in every incident, in 2022 was using same misleading communal angle and spreading fake news/rumours for which police case was registered against him.We hope

@DelhiPolice taking note of his current fake news spreading .

This religious hate spreader works for TRT news website owned by the Turkish government. Whose job is only to set the propaganda for the Turkish government & everyone knows Turkey’s views about India and Kashmir.

He works for Al Jazeera news which is funded by Qatar Govt and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC). Al Jazeera is known for setting propaganda against India and numerous time OIC put controversial statement against India.

He works for Maktoob media founded by Aslah Kayyalakkath who contributes to Qatar state sponsered Al Jazeera and had a diploma in Turkish language from University of Anadolu ,Turkey.

Meer Faisal works for Article 14 in which Mohsin Alam Bhat is Editorial Board member, who is contributor to The Caravan, The Wire and Scroll, same Scroll which gets USD 14 Lakh fund from Soros’s Open Society foundation.

Religious hate and misinformation spreader self proclaimed journalist Meer Faisal works for Propaganda website “The Wire” too,which has a special connection with #Soros and other Anti-India groups.

Journalism should always be freedom of speech. They should criticize Govt where it is lacking morality.But Gulf/Turkey funded journalist like this are only showcasing misleading news with communal angle to disrupt religious harmony as a puppet of anti-India media.


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