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Misinformation Targets Sarfaraz Khan Exclusion from Indian Cricket Team: Setting the Record Straight
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Misinformation Targets Sarfaraz Khan Exclusion from Indian Cricket Team: Setting the Record Straight

In the realm of sports, the selection of players for national squads is often a topic of intense discussion. However, a recent incident involving the Indian cricket team’s selection for the upcoming Test and ODI series against West Indies has sparked a wave of misinformation. False news is being circulated about Sarfaraz Khan, with claims that his exclusion from the team is due to religious bias and comparisons of fabricated physical stats. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the misleading tweets, the fact-checking conducted by reliable sources, and expose the true intent behind this incident.

Describing the Incident: 

The controversy revolves around Sarfaraz Khan, a talented cricketer who has garnered attention in recent years. However, several users on social media platforms have taken to spreading false information about his non-selection for the Indian cricket team. Misleading tweets have alleged that Sarfaraz was excluded due to his minority community background, while others have shared fabricated physical stats to question his fitness level. The fact, as reported by credible media sources, is that Sarfaraz’s off-field behavior played a significant role in his exclusion, unrelated to his identity. Media reports have also highlighted concerns about his weight, which, coupled with his short height, impacted the decision.

Misleading Tweets and Their Origins: 

To provide a clearer picture of the misinformation being circulated, let’s examine some of the tweets:

Fact-Checking by Reliable Sources: 

To uncover the truth behind Sarfaraz Khan’s exclusion, fact-checking initiatives and credible sources have played a vital role. Let’s explore the fact-checking links:

  • India Today article: Link to Article
  • Stars Unfolded – Rishabh Pant: Link
  • Stars Unfolded – Amit Mishra: Link
  • Stars Unfolded – Ravindra Jadeja: Link
  • Google search – Physical Stats of Cricketers: Link
  • Google search – Sarfaraz Khan’s Height and Weight: Link
  • Google search – Criteria for Indian Cricket Team Selection: Link

Intent Behind the Incident: 

The intent behind the misinformation surrounding Sarfaraz Khan’s exclusion from the Indian cricket team becomes apparent upon closer examination. Propaganda accounts are actively circulating religion-based propaganda to shape their narrative and stir communal tensions. By distorting the truth and insinuating religious bias, these accounts seek to create a divisive atmosphere and further their own agenda.


The incident surrounding Sarfaraz Khan’s exclusion from the Indian cricket team demonstrates the prevalence and dangers of misinformation. It is crucial to verify information from reliable sources and fact-check claims before jumping to conclusions. By understanding the intent behind such incidents, we can collectively combat the spread of propaganda and promote a more informed and united society.

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