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Misleading Tweets Circulate Disturbing Video of Woman's Torture: Unraveling the Manipur Connection
Fact CheckKirti Azad

Misleading Tweets Circulate Disturbing Video of Woman Torture: Unraveling the Manipur Connection

In recent days, social media has become a breeding ground for misinformation and misleading content. One such incident involves a disturbing video that has been shared extensively, accompanied by claims that it depicts an incident of violence in Manipur about woman torture. However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that these tweets are misleading and seek to exploit the sensitive situation for political gain. Let’s delve into the incident, the misleading tweets, fact-checking efforts by D-Intent, and ultimately uncover the true intent behind this viral video.

The Disturbing Incident: 

A sensitive video has been making rounds on social media, capturing the attention and outrage of many users. The footage portrays a helpless woman torture by a group of men dressed in uniforms. This horrific act has understandably sparked anger and concern among those who came across it.

Misleading Tweets Misrepresenting the Incident: 

Several Twitter accounts have shared the video, accompanied by misleading captions and claims. One such tweet, posted by @Nationonetv, asserts that the video is from Manipur and falsely accuses the Meitei people of perpetrating the crime against a Kuki tribal woman. (Archived link)

Another tweet by @Aimim1Shahanwaj further perpetuates the misinformation, making claims about the ethnicity of the victim and the community responsible for her alleged murder. (Archived link)

Additionally, @kailashmina001 shared the video with a similar misleading narrative, contributing to the spread of false information. (Archived link)

Fact-Checking Efforts by D-Intent: 

Recognizing the importance of debunking misinformation, the fact-checking organization D-Intent took up the task of verifying the claims surrounding the video. Through meticulous research, they discovered that the video is not from Manipur, as alleged, but from Myanmar.

D-Intent uncovered that the incident captured in the video actually occurred in 2022 in Tanu, Sagaing region, Myanmar. The victim, Aye Mar Tun, a 24-year-old woman, was subjected to brutal torture and ultimately shot dead by the People’s Defence Force (PDF). The motive behind her killing was her alleged involvement in providing information to the junta, leading to the arrest and execution of local PDF members.

For those seeking further information, here are the fact-checking sources used by D-Intent:

  1. BNI Online – NLD Investigating Execution of Alleged Junta Informer in Sagaing’s Tamu Township (Archived link: [1 Archived])
  2. Myanmar Now – NUG Opens Probe into Brutal Killing of Woman by Members of Its Resistance Force (Archived link: [2 Archived])

The Complete Intent Behind the Incident: 

Examining the misleading tweets and the subsequent fact-checking results, it becomes evident that the true intent behind sharing this video was to exploit the ongoing situation in Manipur for political gain. By disseminating false information and inflaming communal tensions, the individuals behind these tweets sought to manipulate public sentiment and advance their own agenda.


The circulation of misleading tweets showcasing a distressing video from Myanmar as an incident in Manipur demonstrates the pervasive nature of misinformation on social media. It is crucial for users to exercise caution, verify information from credible sources, and not contribute to the spread of falsehoods. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the responsibility we all have to combat misinformation and promote a more informed and fact-based online discourse.

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