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Exposing false narratives surrounding a viral video, revealing the intent behind misleading tweets and fact-checking efforts.
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Misleading Tweets Spark Religious Narrative: A Closer Look at the Ghaziabad Incident

In the age of social media, the spread of misinformation has become a significant concern about Ghaziabad Incident. Recently, a video went viral on various platforms, capturing a crowd surrounding a man and an injured woman. The incident quickly became the center of attention, with several misleading tweets adding fuel to the fire. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the incident, analyze the misleading claims made on social media, explore the fact-checking efforts carried out by D-Intent, and ultimately uncover the true intent behind this incident.

The Ghaziabad Incident: 

On June 7th, an incident took place in Paharganj, where a young woman from Ghaziabad, who had left her home in anger, encountered a male acquaintance. According to the police, the man contacted the girl’s father to inform him of her whereabouts. An argument ensued between the two individuals, during which the girl inflicted a self-inflicted injury by slitting her wrist. Notably, the police confirmed that the incident did not involve any attack by the young man.

Misleading Tweets Exposed:

Sadly, amidst the chaos, several individuals with ulterior motives seized the opportunity to exploit the situation and promote a religious narrative. Let’s examine some of the most misleading tweets that circulated during this incident:

  1. Tweet by Gokul Bhati (@GokulBhati05): The Twitter user shared the video with a claim that the girl’s Muslim male friend had slit her wrist following an altercation. This tweet aimed to incite communal tension, targeting a specific community. Tweet Link Archived Link
  2. Tweet by Sudarshan News TV (@SudarshanNewsTV): Sudarshan News TV also tweeted the video, further amplifying the false narrative of religious conflict. By spreading misinformation, they contributed to the polarization of society. Tweet Link Archived Link
  3. Tweet by Office of Vijay (@officeofvijay1): In this tweet, Office of Vijay propagated the misleading notion that the girl’s injury was a result of an attack by her Muslim friend. Such false allegations only serve to deepen divisions and breed hatred. Tweet Link Archived Link
  4. Tweet by Surya Maithil (@Surya_Maithil): Surya Maithil’s tweet reinforced the false narrative by implying that the girl’s self-inflicted injury was an act of violence committed by her Muslim acquaintance. Such tweets contribute to the spread of baseless rumors and misinformation. Tweet Link Archived Link

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

Amidst the wave of misinformation, fact-checking organizations like D-Intent played a crucial role in uncovering the truth. They diligently examined the incident, its context, and the claims made on social media. Here’s what their investigation revealed:

  1. Fact-Checked by A fact-check published by revealed that the girl had indeed cut her wrist after an argument with a male acquaintance in the Paharganj area of Delhi. However, the report clearly stated that no allegations were made against the young man involved. Fact-Check Link Archived Link

The True Intent: 

While the incident itself was unfortunate, it is essential to understand the underlying intent behind the misleading tweets. Extremists and those with vested interests sought to exploit this incident to fuel a religious narrative and sow seeds of discord among communities. By spreading false information and distorting the facts, they aimed to divide society and incite hatred.


The Ghaziabad incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by misinformation on social media platforms. Misleading tweets, as exposed by fact-checkers like D-Intent, can have far-reaching consequences, impacting communal harmony and fostering animosity. It is imperative for individuals to exercise caution, verify information from reliable sources, and reject the manipulation attempts of those seeking to exploit such incidents for their own gain.

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