Misleading Video Circulates Claiming Elephant Attack on Muslim Man: Fact Check

In a recent incident, a video depicting an elephant attacking a child while attempting to feed it has been circulating on social media. However, the video has been shared with misleading claims, alleging that a Muslim man tried to convert the elephant, resulting in the attack. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the video is old footage from Kerala, where a child and his father were feeding a coconut to the elephant when the attack occurred.

Misleading Tweets:

Several users have been sharing the video with false claims, perpetuating a narrative of religious conversion and communal disharmony. One such tweet by user @ananthamharshi gained significant attention and engagement, contributing to the viral spread of the misleading information.

Misleading Link:

  1. Tweet by @ananthamharshi: Link Archive: Link

Fact Checking by D-Intent:

To debunk the misleading claims, fact-checking efforts were undertaken. The following sources provided the necessary clarification and context:

  1. Manorama Online: Link Archive: Link
  2. YouTube Video: Link Archive: Link

The fact-checking process involved analyzing credible sources and verifying the origins of the video, clarifying that it was not related to any religious conversion attempt.


The intent behind the circulation of this video with false claims is to sow seeds of division and communal tension. By misrepresenting the incident and attributing religious motives to the attack, these users aim to exploit emotions and create disharmony within society.


It is crucial to exercise caution and critical thinking when consuming and sharing content on social media about attack on Muslim Man. Misleading videos and false narratives can have far-reaching consequences, fueling animosity and discord. By relying on fact-checking organizations like D-Intent and promoting responsible digital citizenship, we can combat the spread of misinformation and maintain a more informed and united society.

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