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Misleading Videos Circulated by Impersonated Human Rights Body on Twitter Spark Communal Tensions
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Misleading Videos Circulated by Impersonated Human Rights Body on Twitter Spark Communal Tensions

In a concerning incident, a fake Twitter account based in Pakistan, impersonating a Human Rights Body in South Asia, has been circulating multiple videos with false claims. One particular tweet shared a video depicting a group of three young men brutally assaulting an individual on the road. The misleading claim attached to the video suggests that the victim, a Dalit student, was beaten by Hindu upper-caste men. However, the truth behind the incident of impersonated Human Rights body reveals a different story. 

The victim, Manish Narayan Pandey, belongs to the upper caste and was actually assaulted by three young men for allegedly molesting a girl near Little Flower School in Gida, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is crucial to expose such misleading narratives propagated by religious propaganda accounts, aimed at creating communal unrest within the country.

Misleading Tweets:

The first tweet in question, posted by the fake account impersonating the South Asia Human Rights Body, can be found at [1]. It falsely claims that the video shows a Dalit student being beaten by Hindu upper-caste individuals.This tweet, among others, aims to provoke religious tensions and incite communal discord within society.

Fact Checking by D-Intent: 

To debunk these false claims, D-Intent, a reputable fact-checking organization, conducted an investigation into the incident. They cross-referenced multiple sources and examined the available evidence to establish the truth behind the assault.

Fact Checking Links: 

One crucial source for fact-checking was an article published by Bhaskar News [2]. The article provides accurate details about the incident and exposes the misleading claims attached to the video. Additionally, the Gorakhpur Police Department shared a tweet [3] addressing the incident and clarifying that it had no connection to caste or religion. The archived link to the tweet is available in the references table.

The Intent Behind the Incident: 

The intent behind the circulation of these misleading videos becomes apparent when we consider the source – a religious propaganda account based in Pakistan. By spreading false claims and incendiary narratives, this account aims to ignite communal unrest within the country. Such acts of spreading misinformation can have serious consequences, leading to tensions and divisions among different communities.


It is essential to be vigilant in the face of misleading information propagated on social media platforms. This incident of impersonated Human Rights body serves as a stark reminder that false narratives can be easily spread, potentially causing harm and discord within society. By staying informed and relying on credible sources for fact-checking, we can safeguard against the influence of misinformation and maintain social harmony.


  1. Fake tweet from South Asia Human Rights Body impersonator: Twitter Archived
  2. Bhaskar News article on the incident: Bhaskar Archived
  3. Gorakhpur Police Department’s tweet addressing the incident: Twitter Archived

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