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Myanmar Woman's Death Circulated as Manipur Killing on Social Media
Fact Check

Myanmar Woman’s Death Falsely Linked to Manipur Meitei Killed Naga Lady in NGV

In the age of social media, information spreads like wildfire, sometimes without proper verification. Recently, a sensitive and disturbing image of a woman’s dead body surfaced on various platforms, accompanied by a claim that Meitei people in NGV (National Game Village), Imphal, Manipur, were responsible for the tragic incident and potrayed as Manipur killing. However, the truth behind this image is far from what it seems.

The Incident and Misleading Links:

The image being shared on social media platforms has led to widespread panic and outrage, with many condemning the alleged Manipur killing. However, a closer examination reveals that the image is not related to Manipur at all. In fact, it originates from Myanmar, where an education director in the Sagaing Region was fatally shot by members of the PDF (People’s Defence Force) on July 12th.

The misleading links that contributed to the spread of this misinformation need to be addressed. One such link is found in a tweet, but the actual source of this claim can be traced back to a website called “Positive Angle News.” The article posted on this website propagated the false narrative linking the image to Manipur, further fueling the #Manipur_Violence situation.

To understand the severity of this situation and the impact of such misinformation, let’s delve deeper into the fact-checking process conducted by D-Intent.

Fact-Checking and its Results:

D-Intent, an organization committed to verifying information and countering misinformation, took on the task of fact-checking this sensitive issue. They conducted an in-depth investigation into the origin of the image and the claims made about the Manipur incident.

The fact-checking results clearly indicate that the image is unrelated to Manipur and has no connection to the Meitei community. The tragic event actually took place in Myanmar, not India. D-Intent’s thorough research and verification process have debunked the false narrative circulating on social media.


Misinformation can have severe consequences, causing panic, fear, and tension among communities. The incident of a Myanmar woman’s death being falsely associated with a Manipur killing on social media is a glaring example of the impact of misinformation.

It is crucial for everyone to be vigilant and responsible when sharing information online. Fact-checking organizations like D-Intent play a significant role in countering misinformation and ensuring the truth prevails.

Let this incident serve as a reminder that we should always verify information before sharing it with others. Together, we can combat the spread of false narratives and promote a more informed and harmonious digital space.

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