Old Image of Troops’ Dead Bodies from Nigeria Circulates as a Recent Incident: Fact-Check

Sensitive and disturbing images have been circulating on various social media platforms that show a group of killed military personnel lying on the ground in a large room, the image claimed to be of Nigerian military personnel killed in a recent incident. Several users circulated the image. Our aim to uncover the truth behind the misleading circulation of this old image of troops’ dead bodies from Nigeria.

The sensitive, disturbing image circulating with false claims

Several social media users including politicians are circulating a sensitive image from Nigeria which shows a group of killed military personnel lying on the ground in a large room. Finnish politician Simon Ekpa shared the image and claimed it to be a recent incident reported from Nigerian military camps. “What is going on here is what I don’t know, but I am sure it is connected to the reason they want to give NYSC arms as reserves. @HQNigerianArmy have you informed their families?” The Finnish politician said. His Twitter post can be accessed here (Archived).

Research, Analysis and Fact

To know the truth behind the image that has been shared by Simon Ekpa we did a reverse image search that led us to the source of the actual information. During the research, the D-Intent Data team found several reports regarding the sensitive image of Nigerian military personnel. According to the reports, the sensitive image is an old image from Nigeria, where Boko Haram terrorists killed federal troops in an ambush attack in 2020 in Danbua, Borno State. The reports of the incident can be found here (Archived), Here (Archived) and Here (Archived)


Finnish politicians circulate misleading news as diplomatic tension has been risen between the two countries in recent times.


Claim- Nigeria federal troops were killed recently in military bases.

Fact- Shared image is from July 2020 when Boko Haram terrorists killed the troops in an ambush attack.

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