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8 year old child
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Old video from Morena, MP sparks outrage: Unraveling the Truth

An old video from Morena district of Madhya Pradesh is circulating on social media. In the video, an 8-year-old boy is holding his brother’s dead body while his father walks around looking for a cheap car to take his son’s dead body back home.

User @Arti_Pal979 by posting the video criticized the CM of Madhya Pradesh and showed her grief for the innocent child. Handles @alokyadav521 @smartySikandar they too shared the video and showed their concern towards the incident. The video has been viewed thousands of times so far. Many people have shown their grief and also questioned the concerned authority and government.

The Incident:

The incident took place in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh in July 2022. An eight-year-old child, Gulshan, was sitting on his lap with the dead body of his younger brother. The age of his brother is only two years and is covered in white cloth. The father had gone in search of a vehicle so that he could take his child’s body back to his village. After the death, when Poojaram Jatav father of the child asked for a vehicle to take his son from the hospital to his village, the hospital staff refused him. According to Poojaram, they said that no vehicle is available and they can arrange it from outside. At the same time, when Poojaram talked to the ambulance men standing outside, they demanded up to Rs 1500 from them. After that, he came out with his son’s dead body, but he could not find a car outside the hospital, so he left the younger son’s body near his son near and walked around looking for a cheap car to take the body home. (source)


To verify the authenticity of the video D-Intent team did some research and found that the video is one year old. After the incident happened the Home Minister of the state ordered an inquiry and gave needed support to the family. The news has been reported on BBC News(Hindi) and the Times of India.

Old video from Morena


D-intent Fact-Check proves that the viral video is one year old. The video may be old but the incident is very heart-wrenching and exposes the health care system of the state.

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