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Read FactCheck “Unpacking the Politics of Shoes: The Controversy Surrounding Paying Homage to Babasaheb Ambedkar”


Misleading Tweet:

@RJDforIndia, @AnsariK786

FACT:Yesterday was #AmbedkarJayanti2023,Politicians, social workers,civilian all were paying tribute to the Father of Indian constitution Dr.B.R Ambedkar on his birth anniversary but some opportunistic were waiting to set their propaganda shamelessly Political party RJD posted image of prime minister Narendra Modi paying tribute to BR Ambedkar from a distance wearing shoes,upon research we found that picture is during COVID lockdown 2021 period.Hence there was a boundary, beyond which everyone can pay tribute and respect Also, many politicians from different political parties were seen wearing shoes while paying tribute to BR Ambedkar.Even his Great Grand Nephew Rajratna was seen wearing shoes during an event.We found other instances when PM paying tribute on #AmbedkarJayanti without shoes. Respect is something comes within, and Bharat Ratna Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar is so much bigger & himself father of Indian constitution, nothing can diminish his status.


INTENT:Political parties and agenda creator sharing images with wrong context and trying to mislead community

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