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“Security Personnel Allowed to Practice Religion, But Participation in Religious Processions While on Duty Sends Alarming Message” READ FACTCHECK

ANALYSIS: Misleading

Misleading Tweet:

Link: @imMAK02, @ashoswai, @ramanmann1974

Fact Check:

An old video of policemen is being circulated in which the cops can be seen dancing in uniform,the video has been shared with false claims that police can dance in Hindu religious procession but Muslim policeman can’t even keep beard in India. There is a rule for the police that no one except Sikhs can keep beard. Action can be taken against cop,also that cop was warned thrice in the few months and asked to either cut his beard or obtain permission but he did not heed the direction. Some spontaneous prayers like Namaz are normal in uniform, many policemen and army men have done this on many occasions. The video is from Kolhapur where policemen were seen dancing in uniform during Ganesh mahotsav procession 2022, They were warned that no policeman in uniform should be seen dancing or else action would be taken against them.,,,,,

INTENT:Anti India lobby spreading old video with false claim to target India but hide how police-army doing religious activities in uniform of every religion.

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