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Support Neutral Fact-Checking and Truth in Journalism

Welcome to D-Intent Data: Promoting Accuracy and Transparency in News Reporting

At D-Intent Data, we believe that access to accurate information is essential for informed decision-making and a healthy democracy. We are a trusted fact-checking source and news data research organization dedicated to providing unbiased analysis and insight into today’s news stories. Our mission is clear: to separate fact from fiction, without favoritism or partiality.

Ways to Donate

Donate Via UPI/Net Banking/Credit Debit/Debit Card/Wallet

Why Donate to D-Intent Data?

Your support is crucial in helping us fulfill our mission. Here’s why your donation matters:

Combatting Misinformation

Your contribution enables us to continue our efforts in debunking fake news and misinformation, ensuring that the public receives accurate and reliable information.

Promoting Media Literacy

By supporting D-Intent Data, you are investing in programs and initiatives that promote media literacy and critical thinking skills, empowering individuals to discern fact from fiction in today’s media landscape.

Sustaining Independent Journalism

We rely on the generosity of donors like you to sustain our operations and remain independent from partisan influences. Your donation helps us uphold the principles of ethical journalism and unbiased reporting.

Our Mission: Fact-Checking with Integrity

At D-Intent Data, we adhere to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and neutrality. Our team of dedicated researchers and analysts is committed to providing accurate, evidence-based information, free from any ideological or political bias. By donating to D-Intent Data, you are supporting:

Neutral Fact-Checking: We analyze news stories and claims objectively, without favoring any particular viewpoint or agenda.

Intent Analysis: Our in-depth analysis goes beyond mere fact-checking to uncover the underlying motivations and intentions behind news narratives, helping to reveal hidden biases and agendas.

How Your Donation Helps

Your donation enables us to:

  • Fund on-ground Fact-Checking: Your support helps finance the research and analysis needed to debunk false claims and verify the accuracy of news stories on the ground by local interns.
  • Maintain Website Infrastructure: We rely on robust technical infrastructure to host our fact-checking resources and disseminate information to the public. Your donation helps cover the costs of website maintenance and development.
  • Support Interns: Our dedicated team of researchers and analysts work tirelessly to uphold the integrity of our fact-checking process. Your contribution helps provide them with the resources and support they need to continue their important work.
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