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Pakistanis Circulated False Claims About China’s Chang’e-6 Lunar Mission And Pakistan’s ICUBE-Q Satellite: Fact-Check 

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There are rumours going around among Pakistanis that their country is about to launch a moon mission, and that it will land on the moon similar...
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Fact-Check — Indian Vlogger Denied Entry Into Bars in Israel Because of His Indian Identity? Here is The Truth 

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It been making the claim in a little video clip that an Indian vlogger was denied entry to Israeli bars due to his Indian identity. Verified accounts...
Fact CheckJackson HinkleWorld

Fact-Check — Gas Station Caught Fire in Iraq, Image Falsely Linked To Iran-Israel Conflict

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A picture of a Massive fire that has gone viral purports to show an Iranian attack on Israel. @jacksonhinklle claimed the same in a twitter post...
Fact CheckWorld

Fact-Check— Old Image Showing Huge Fire at an Oil Refinery in South Tehran Falsely Linked To Iran-Israel Conflict 

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A photo has surfaced online purporting to show a massive explosion and is associated with the present confrontation between Israel and Iran. It was taken...
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Fact-Check— Old Video Of Massive Barrage of Rockets Firing Resurfaced as Iran-Israel Conflict 

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There is a video circulating that purports to show Iran and Yemen are firing rockets towards Israel. It shows a large barrage of rockets firing. @NepCorres tweeted...
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Old Image Of Massive Artillery Drill From North korea Falsely Linked to Iran-Israel Conflict: Fact-Check 

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Some have circulated a photograph purporting to show Iran preparing for war with Israel, showing massive artillery. @USGeneralLinda tweeted “#Iran has placed its entire military...
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This Video Of Drone Stuck in Electric Wires Is Not Recent And Has Nothing To Do Iran-Israel Conflict, Here Is The Truth: Fact-Check 

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An Iranian suicide drone is said to have gotten stuck in the wires of an electric pole in Iraq, according to a video that has...
Fact CheckThe SaviourWorld

McDonald’s Stores Closed in Sri Lanka Over Poor Hygiene, Propagandists Linked To Israel-Palestine Conflict: Fact-Check 

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Pro-Palestine accounts are spreading misinformation about McDonald’s stores closing in Sri Lanka due to a boycott campaign against their support for Israel. Verified accounts on twitter, including...
Fact CheckSulaiman AhmedWorld

Yemeni Fisherman’s Dead Body From Red Sea Falsely Circulated as Israeli Brutality Against Palestinian: Fact-Check 

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A sensitive photograph of a dead person being dragged has been spread, claiming to show Israeli brutality against Palestinians in Gaza. Verified accounts on twitter, including @PALMENA_IC tweeted...
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Israel-Hamas Conflict — High-Profile Israeli Generals Captured By Hamas Terrorists? : Fact-Check

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There is a video circulating around that purports to show that Hamas has captured several prominent high-profile Israeli generals. Verified accounts on twitter, including @drtruthe tweeted “Several...
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