The Bareilly Kebab Shop Incident: Separating Fact from Fiction

In recent news, there have been reports circulating about a man named Nasir Ahmad being shot dead over the taste of kebab in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. However, propaganda spreaders have highlighted the victim’s identity and tried to give the incident a religious angle to create disharmony.

What Happened?

The incident took place on Wednesday night at a kebab shop in Priyadarshini Nagar, Bareilly. The dispute arose over the quality of the kebab, and the altercation escalated, resulting in the death of Nasir Ahmad. The case was registered against unidentified persons, and later two accused, Mayank Rastogi and Tazim Samshi, were arrested.

The Truth

Contrary to the propaganda being spread, this unfortunate incident has nothing to do with religion. One of the accused belongs to the same religion as the victim. It was a simple dispute over the taste of the kebab that turned into a tragic incident.

The Dangers of Propaganda

This incident highlights the dangers of propaganda being spread on social media platforms. By highlighting the victim’s identity and trying to give it a communal angle, propaganda spreaders are inciting communal disharmony and hatred among people.

It is crucial to be careful and verify news before believing and sharing it on social media. We should not jump to conclusions and avoid making assumptions based on someone’s identity or religion. Such incidents should be condemned and dealt with by the law without giving it any communal color.

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The Bareilly kebab shop incident is a sad reminder of the dangerous effects of propaganda. We must be cautious and not allow ourselves to be swayed by communal propaganda. Let us come together and stand united against such acts of violence, irrespective of religion or identity, and ensure that justice is served.

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