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The Danger of Misinformation: False Claims and Old Images Stir Unrest
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False Claims and Old Images of Sakshi Malik Stir Unrest

In the digital age, information travels at an unprecedented speed, allowing news and images to spread far and wide within seconds. While this can be a force for good, enabling the sharing of valuable information and promoting awareness, it also presents a significant challenge when misinformation and false claims start to circulate. Recently, an image has been shared with a false claim suggesting that wrestler Sakshi Malik face was crushed under a policeman’s boot during a supposed “wrestler protest” in Delhi. However, the reality is quite different: the shared image is actually an old one from the farmer protests in 2021. This instance highlights the dangers of misinformation propaganda spreaders who deliberately share old images with false claims, aiming to create unrest in the country.

Misinformation Propaganda: Creating Unrest and Discord

Misinformation has become a pervasive issue in our society. It not only spreads confusion but can also have serious consequences, inciting anger, fear, and division among people. In this specific case, the false claim about Sakshi Malik being injured during a wrestler protest in Delhi is not only untrue but also manipulative. By exploiting the emotions of the public and sowing discord, the perpetrators behind such false claims hope to disrupt the peace and stability of the country.

The Role of Old Images in Misinformation Campaigns

One of the common strategies employed by misinformation propaganda spreaders is to use old images or videos out of context to support their false claims. The image shared in this instance, from the farmer protests, serves as a stark reminder of how images can be repurposed and misused to serve a particular narrative. By attaching false information to old images, the propagators attempt to lend credibility to their claims while capitalizing on the emotional impact of the original event.

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Impact on Society and Trust

Misinformation not only erodes trust in the media and authoritative sources but also strains the social fabric of a nation. When false claims are circulated widely, they can manipulate public opinion and lead to widespread unrest. In the case of the shared image, the false claim targeting a prominent athlete like Sakshi Malik not only spreads disinformation but also tarnishes the reputation of individuals and institutions involved. This further emphasizes the need for critical thinking and fact-checking before accepting and sharing information, especially on social media platforms.

Fighting Misinformation: Our Collective Responsibility

Combating misinformation requires collective efforts from various stakeholders, including the media, tech companies, and individuals themselves. The responsibility lies not only with the creators and disseminators of misinformation but also with the consumers. By staying vigilant, verifying information before sharing, and promoting fact-checking initiatives, we can collectively curb the spread of misinformation and preserve the integrity of our information ecosystem.


The recent incident involving the false claim about wrestler Sakshi Malik being injured during a protest highlights the dangers of misinformation propaganda spreaders who use old images with false claims to create unrest. It is crucial for individuals to be discerning consumers of information, questioning the veracity of claims and verifying facts before accepting and sharing them. By promoting critical thinking, fact-checking, and responsible digital citizenship, we can combat the spread of misinformation and protect our society from the divisive impact it can have. Remember, the truth matters, and it is our collective responsibility to preserve it.

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