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The Truth Behind the Video of Phone Smashing and False Religious Claims

In recent days, a video depicting schoolteachers smashing mobile phones with a hammer has gone viral on social media. However, it has been shared with false claims suggesting that smartphones are being destroyed due to religious reasons, specifically in relation to Islam. This blog aims to uncover the facts surrounding the video and shed light on the true context behind it.

Fact: An Old Video from Indonesia:

Upon conducting thorough research, it has been discovered that the video is not recent but rather dates back to 2019 and originates from Indonesia. In many educational institutions across Indonesia, it is prohibited for students to bring mobile phones to school. The video captures a situation where students, despite warnings, failed to adhere to the guidelines, resulting in the drastic measure taken by the schoolteachers.

Not an Isolated Incident:

It is crucial to note that this incident is not an isolated case. Similar incidents have been reported from various schools in Indonesia. The motive behind such actions is not religious but rather strict regulations imposed by the Indonesian educational institutions to maintain discipline and focus on academics.

Unveiling the Intent: Targeting a Community:

The circulation of this old video with false claims aimed at a specific community highlights a concerning trend. It appears that some users are intentionally using misleading information to create divisions and target a particular religious group. It is essential to recognize and expose such deceptive tactics that seek to sow discord and promote false narratives.

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The video showing schoolteachers smashing mobile phones with a hammer, falsely attributed to religious reasons, is not a recent incident but an old video from Indonesia. It is crucial to separate fact from fiction and understand that the action was a result of strict regulations in Indonesian educational institutions. By unveiling the true context and intent behind the video, we can combat the spread of misinformation and foster a more informed and inclusive online community.

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