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The Vivek Files

The Vivek Files: A fake nationalist who propagated false information on social media throughout his whole career and taught everyone how to compromise on ideology when you don’t gain media attention. With respect towards his work and movies,

A Simple & small thread with facts –

A man used to make LW lobby happy by visiting religious sites and leading by secular example, but now he debates against LW lobby on every political or public topic and mocks secularism.

Vivek Agnihotri before 2014
Vivek Agnihotri after 2014

He tried to spread misleading info, about receiving a threat from Lashkar-e-Taiba in April 2022 by fabricating a letter. It is a separate issue that he attempted to get media attention while not even knowing how to spell Lashkar.

he also posted a manipulated photograph of a demonstrator holding a sign and attempted to pass it off as authentic. The sign that Agnihotri put said, “Chutiya Hoon, Hindu Nahi,” which means, “I’m an idiot, not a Hindu,” in contrast to the original sign, “Hindu Hoon, Chutiya Nahi,” which meant, “I’m a Hindu, not an Idiot.”

when the Covid-19 viral infection had just recently begun to spread over India. He attacked Bollywood industry personalities who disagreed with his beliefs. He made false allegations against the actress Sonakshi Sinha and targeted her by sharing her old image.

Vivek strategically posted an outdated article on the Kahsmir Files on December 12 just before the announcement of the Golden Globe nominations and claimed to be in the competition. For Best Picture – Non-English Language, RRR was nominated. He doesn’t even congratulate them as a matter of civility.

Before The Kashmir File, writer “Erkki Kanto” from the US published a number of pieces on Golden Globe’s website on Bollywood films, such as Padmavaat 2018, Baba 2019, Asuran 2020, and Jai Bhim 2021. His writings are unrelated to any Golden Globe nominations.

He began to deflect attention from it after being passed up for a Golden Globe nomination. Despite the fact that IMDb named 10 Indian films as the “Most Popular Indian Movies of 2022” and placed RRR at the top, Vivek once again strategically omitted “Indian” to give it a story of global success.

Two different views on women & rape. Same person sharing meme on the topic .Also , totally changed his views for movie promotion purpose and media attention.

A fan of SRK, who always supported & appreciated him, nowadays is boycotting and mocking his movies , to establish own RW image and ecosystem acceptability.But in the past himself directed movies with similar “Insta reel” materials.

We have no desire to contest his work in any way. He and his entire staff are respected by us. Having said that, it is really sad and perplexing how someone would publish false information in order to attract media attention.

Here you read our full analysis:

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