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“Punjab Police Crackdown on Khalistani Sympathizers Sparks Misinformation and Propaganda Campaign by Global Influencers”

So much misinformation & propaganda is being circulated regarding Punjab Police’s crackdown against Khalistani sympathizer #AmritpalSingh & his associates. Influencers from UK, Canada,US, Pakistan trying to create panic and unsettling environment across #Punjab

Many out of context old videos are being circulated and connecting Punjab Police’s crackdown against Amritpal Singh. How can a person be arrested from so many different locations at the same time? He is not visible in a single such video.

We are not seeing this kind of propaganda for the first time, we saw similar propaganda during farmers protest, they created accounts to target India that time, now they are using same accounts this time to create unrest in the state.

Pakistani ISI, Khalistani separatists creating new accounts from different locations to set their propaganda against India. They are using multiple hashtags to spread misinformation and all of those account are fake and created just for this trend.

Look at the figures of how maximum accounts those are trending following # are created after 2020.Hence they are crated during Farmer Protest online campaign. (5/14) #WeStandWithAmritpalSingh #freeamritpalsingh #PunjabUnderSiege #Amritpal_Singh

In this graph it can clearly be seen how huge number of accounts from Canada, UK, US trending following # .(6/14) #WeStandWithAmritpalSingh #freeamritpalsingh #PunjabUnderSiege #Amritpal_Singh

U.N. affiliated so called NGO named UNITED SIKHS setting their propaganda against India. United Sikhs has their office in Pakistan, Canada as well and having Islamic Circle of North America(ICNA) as its partner.

Politicians and Khalistan separatists from Canada setting up their propaganda to defend the Khalistanis sympathizer Amritpal Singh. One such is NDP’s Jagmeet Singh, whose brother-in-law donated $13,000 to group organizing Canada trucker’s freedom convoy.

UK based politicians, organizations and khalistani separatists setting up their propaganda in support of Amritpal Singh too. One such is Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi a British Labour Party politician, whose own mother accused of abduction and forcible abortion case.

US based anti-India gang, khalistan separatists, politicians, so called NGOs paid by Pakistan ISI spreading fake news and setting up their propaganda to create unrest in India.

Pakistan is on the verge of financial collapse and facing political crisis, but ISPR IT cell are trying to create communal unrest in India. Pakistan Strategic Forum started spreading fake news related to #AmritpalSingh .

Khalistan supporter self-proclaimed media spreading fake news to mislead people and setting their propaganda against India. Many anti national accounts also sharing video and creating unrest.

Self-proclaimed OSINT accounts also spreading fake news about Amritpal Singh’s arrest since yesterday, many out context videos also have been shared by them. They changed news in each hour confusing and misleading their followers.

We are requesting to our followers and reader not to panic or spread fake news or hate speech. Enemy within and from outside doing their best to create unrest in #Punjab and in India.Punjab Police is working to maintain Law & Order .

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