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Tragedy Strikes Odisha: Examining the Aftermath of the Devastating Train Accident

Recently, our nation was shaken by one of the most catastrophic train accidents in history, claiming the lives of at least 288 people and leaving 900 others injured. This tragic incident, known as the #TrainAccidentInOdisha, has sparked a wave of political propaganda and social media frenzy. In this blog post, we will delve into the aftermath of the accident, addressing the spread of misinformation, political blame games, and the need for unity in the face of adversity.

Misinformation and Propaganda:

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Following the train accident, various elements within the social media landscape have exploited the situation for their own gain. Both left-wing and right-wing accounts have seized the opportunity to propagate their respective narratives. Some propaganda accounts have resurfaced old videos of the Coromandel Express, attempting to discredit the government with a “told you so” attitude.

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Religious Conspiracy Theories:

In a distressing turn of events, extremist accounts have attempted to sow division by blaming a particular community, falsely projecting Muslims or Rohingyas as being involved in the tragic accident. To further their agenda, these accounts have even shared cropped images of a temple near the accident site, misleadingly presenting it as a mosque, thus fueling an anti-Islam narrative. It is important to recognize that these actions are carried out by religious conspiracy theorists and should be condemned.

Political Blame Games:

In the aftermath of any major incident, political parties often engage in mudslinging, and the tragic train accident in Odisha is no exception. Opposition parties, including Congress, have resorted to playing dirty politics, mocking the Kavach System and its technology. However, it is crucial to understand that the Kavach System, aimed at preventing derailments, is an ongoing process that requires implementation across a network spanning 2,000 kilometers.

Publicity Stunts and Backlash:

Notably, leaders from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have visited the accident site, garnering significant media coverage. However, critics argue that these visits are merely publicity stunts orchestrated by the party’s IT cell department. To protect the current railway minister from backlash, an orchestrated trend, #IStandwithAshwiniVaishnaw, has emerged. Such actions divert attention from the real issues and hinder the focus on supporting the victims.

Insensitivity and Foreign Cartoons:

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Amidst the tragedy, it is disheartening to witness opportunistic individuals celebrating cartoons published by the German media a few months ago, where India was depicted as surpassing China in population. These individuals prioritize celebrating foreign cartoons over acknowledging the gravity of a national disaster, demonstrating a lack of empathy and sensitivity.


Manipulation of Data:

As victims of the accident continue to suffer from serious injuries and fight for their lives, political workers and influencers have resorted to manipulating data to defend their ministers and other responsible leaders. While the focus should be on achieving zero casualties and improving safety measures, these individuals engage in a dangerous game of trivializing the number of deaths, undermining the severity of the situation.


In the wake of the tragic train accident in Odisha, it is essential for our nation to come together and support the victims and their families. Instead of engaging in political blame games and propagating divisive narratives, we must prioritize unity and work towards preventing such accidents in the future. By addressing the spread of misinformation, religious conspiracy theories, and insensitivity, we can strive for a more compassionate and responsible society. Let us stand in solidarity with the Odisha victims and reaffirm our commitment to their well-being. #WeStandwithOdishaVictims.

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