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Unmasking Misinformation: Exposing False Claims of Caste-Based Violence in Old Video from Amritsar
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Unmasking Misinformation: Exposing False Claims of Caste-Based Violence in Old Video from Amritsar

In an age dominated by social media, the rapid spread of information requires us to be vigilant about the authenticity of what we encounter. Recently, a sensitive video emerged, depicting a group of individuals beating a man with a stick. This video from Amritsar was shared on various platforms, accompanied by claims that it depicted an incident of caste-based violence against a Dalit handicapped individual in Uttar Pradesh. However, a closer examination of the facts reveals a different story. This blog aims to unravel the incident, expose the misleading tweets surrounding it, delve into the fact-checking conducted by D-Intent, and shed light on the underlying intent behind the dissemination of this deceptive narrative.

The Incident: 

The video in question showcases a brutal act of violence, leading viewers to believe it was a recent incident fueled by caste-based discrimination. However, extensive investigation has revealed that the video is not recent, nor does it have any connection to religion or caste. The incident actually took place in Nagiana village, Amritsar, Punjab, in March 2022. The video captured the moment when a thief was caught red-handed stealing a motorcycle at a Gurdwara premises.

Misleading Tweets:

Several Twitter accounts played a significant role in perpetuating the misinformation surrounding this video. Let’s analyze these tweets and the false claims they made:

@SAHR_Watch: This tweet, now archived here, originated from a religious hate and misinformation propaganda account based in Pakistan. It shared the video with misleading claims of caste-based violence against a Dalit individual, contributing to the spread of false information.

@manishkumarttp: This tweet, archived here, amplified the false narrative by further spreading the claim of caste-based violence. It added to the unrest and tension surrounding the incident.

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

D-Intent, an organization dedicated to combatting misinformation, conducted thorough fact-checking to uncover the truth behind the video. Let’s examine the evidence they presented:

Tribune India Report: A report by The Tribune, archived here, shed light on the actual incident. It clarified that the video captured a case of a man being thrashed by locals after being caught stealing a motorcycle in Amritsar, Punjab. There was no involvement of caste-based violence or any connection to the claims made in the viral tweets.

Intent Behind the Incident: 

The circulation of this misleading video, accompanied by false claims, serves a broader agenda of spreading religious hate and misinformation. Propaganda accounts, such as @SAHR_Watch, aim to create communal unrest by circulating old videos from Punjab with false claims. Their intention is to manipulate public opinion, incite tension among communities, and undermine social harmony.


It is crucial to exercise caution and critical thinking when confronted with sensitive and viral videos. The incident portrayed in this video was not what it seemed. Misleading tweets from propaganda accounts fueled false narratives and contributed to societal unrest. Through diligent fact-checking by organizations like D-Intent, the truth was unveiled. This incident was an old video capturing an act of theft and subsequent retribution in Amritsar, devoid of any caste or religious context.

By remaining vigilant, verifying information, and relying on credible sources, we can collectively combat the influence of false narratives and foster a more informed and harmonious society.

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