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Unraveling Misinformation Surrounding the Devastating Spencer Church Fire

On June 2nd, a historic church in Spencer, Boston, Massachusetts was engulfed in flames after being struck by lightning. While the incident itself was tragic, it became a breeding ground for misinformation. This blog aims to dissect the incident, expose the misleading tweets circulating, delve into the fact-checking process conducted by reputable sources, and shed light on the underlying intent behind the dissemination of false information.

Description of the Incident: 

A massive fire ravaged the 18th-century church in Spencer, Boston, reducing it to ashes. Initial investigations revealed that the fire was triggered by a lightning strike. However, amidst the chaos, certain users took to social media to spread misinformation, specifically targeting the LGBTQ community. One user claimed that the fire was a consequence of two famous homosexuals getting married inside the church at the time of the lightning strike. This claim, however, was proven false. In reality, the church was empty, and no one was getting married when the incident occurred. Thankfully, there were no casualties reported. The local Fire Chief, Robert P. Parsons, confirmed that no injuries were sustained during the blaze. Firefighters valiantly fought to bring the massive fire under control.

Misleading Tweets: 

Unfortunately, misinformation quickly spread on social media platforms, with accounts like @georgenjoroge_ sharing false claims regarding the fire and its cause. The tweet alleged that the fire resulted from a lightning strike during a same-sex wedding, insinuating that firefighting efforts were deliberately hindered. However, these claims were entirely baseless and served only to incite controversy and target the LGBTQ community. [1]

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

To combat the spread of misinformation, fact-checking organizations such as D-Intent conducted thorough investigations to ascertain the truth surrounding the incident. Several sources, including posts on Facebook, debunked the false claims made by @georgenjoroge_. It was confirmed that no wedding ceremony was taking place inside the church at the time of the lightning strike. Additionally, reliable news outlets like MassLive reported that firefighters successfully gained control over the massive fire, dispelling any notion of intentional hindrance. [2][3][4]

D-Intent Data's tweet debunking false claims about the Spencer Church Fire incident.

Complete Intent Behind the Incident: 

The dissemination of false information surrounding the Spencer church fire serves as a grim reminder of how misinformation can be weaponized to target specific communities. In this case, accounts with anti-LGBTQ agendas seized upon the tragic incident to perpetuate false narratives and stoke prejudice. Their intent was to fuel division, incite hatred, and malign the LGBTQ community. By distorting the facts and generating baseless claims, these accounts aimed to undermine the severity of the incident and manipulate public perception for their own ulterior motives.


The Spencer church fire, while already a distressing event, became a platform for the spread of misinformation and the targeting of marginalized communities. It is essential for readers and social media users to remain vigilant, question unverified claims, and rely on trusted sources and fact-checking organizations. By challenging misinformation and promoting accurate information, we can collectively combat the harmful effects of false narratives, protect vulnerable communities, and preserve the integrity of public discourse in the digital age.

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