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Unraveling the Truth: Tribal Ritual Misconstrued as Hindu Child Sacrifice
Fact Checkحامد العلي (Hamed Alali)

Unraveling the Truth: Tribal Ritual Misconstrued as Hindu Child Sacrifice

In the age of social media, misinformation spreads like wildfire, often causing panic and promoting hatred. One recent incident involves a sensitive video circulating on various platforms, falsely claiming it to be a Hindu child sacrifice ritual. In this blog, we delve into the incident, exposing the misleading tweets, providing factual evidence from fact-checking sources, and shedding light on the true intent behind the incident.

Incident Description: 

A video has been widely shared, showing a man performing rituals while carrying a child’s dead body amidst a large crowd. The misleading claims accompanying the video allege it to be a Hindu child sacrifice ritual.

However, this video is not related to any such ritual but is actually footage from a tribal festival called “Gajan,” celebrated among tribal Hindu communities in rural areas of West Bengal (2/5).

The Truth Unveiled: 

Gajan is a festival associated with Lord Shiva, where devotees worship dead bodies in order to appease the deity for favorable rain and harvest. Contrary to the claims, this ritual has nothing to do with sacrificing a child. The child’s dead body, which is worshipped during the festival, is obtained from nearby burial grounds. It is important to note that most of these bodies have not been deceased for more than 1-2 months, with visible facial hair and skin still intact.

Similar rituals exist beyond India, such as the Ma’nene ritual in Indonesia. The Tarojan people there take their deceased loved ones out of coffins, clean them, and dress them in new clothes to honor their lives. These practices highlight the cultural significance of rituals associated with death and commemoration.

Misleading Tweets and Intent: 

Unfortunately, certain Twitter accounts have been deliberately spreading hate and misinformation through these sensitive videos and false claims (5/5). Let’s examine some of the misleading tweets and explore the intent behind them.

@Bearded_Guy : This tweet violates Twitter rules and falsely asserts the video as a Hindu child sacrifice ritual. It perpetuates religious animosity.

@MRHARDCOREG786 (archived): This tweet also shares the video, misrepresenting it as a Hindu child sacrifice ritual, adding fuel to the misinformation fire.

@Hamed_Alali (archived): Similarly, this tweet presents the video with misleading claims, further contributing to the spread of false information.

@AbuHafsah1 (archived): This tweet propagates the video with false allegations, inciting religious hatred and promoting a distorted narrative.

@ahaq84958 (archived): The tweet shared by this account misconstrues the video, reinforcing the false narrative of a Hinduchild sacrifice ritual.

@DeathStromAJ (archived): This tweet adds to the misinformation by perpetuating the false claims surrounding the video.

@AyishaMuhamad (archived): The tweet from this account falsely associates the video with Hindu child sacrifice, thereby promoting religious discord.

Fact-Checking and Exposing the Truth: 

To combat the spread of misinformation, fact-checking sources have provided evidence to debunk the false claims. Here are some reliable sources that shed light on the reality of the incident:

YouTube video (archived): This video showcases the Gajan festival, clarifying its association with Lord Shiva and dispelling the notion of child sacrifice.

Getty Images (archived): This visual evidence depicts devotees holding a child’s dead body during the Gajan festival.

Getty Images – Gajan festival in India (archived): Additional Getty Images capture moments from the Gajan festival in India, providing further insight into the rituals.

Homegrown Voices article (archived): This article titled “Dancing with the Dead in Bhardaman: A Photographer Captures an Intriguing Festival” highlights the unique aspects of the Gajan festival.

Curly Tales article – Indonesian similar rituals (archived): This article explores Indonesian similar rituals, showcasing the Ma’nene ritual where deceased loved ones are taken out of coffins to celebrate their lives.


The incident surrounding the circulating video falsely portraying a Hindu child sacrifice ritual has been thoroughly debunked. The video actually showcases a ritual from the Gajan festival celebrated among tribal Hindu communities in West Bengal. The intent behind this incident appears to be the promotion of religious hate and the dissemination of misinformation targeting a particular community. By relying on reliable sources and fact-checking, we can counter the spread of false narratives and foster a more informed and tolerant society.

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