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Unveiling Misinformation: Old Image Falsely Linked to Manipur Violence
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Unveiling Misinformation: Old Image Falsely Linked to Manipur Violence

Introduction: In the age of social media, misinformation can quickly spread, causing panic and unrest. Recently, an image depicting alleged police torture of Kuki girls in Manipur has been circulating, fueling communal tensions. However, thorough research reveals that the image is old and unrelated to the current Manipur violence. In this blog, we will delve into the misleading claims, provide factual evidence, and expose the attempts to sow discord and target specific communities.

Misleading Tweet: 

One particular tweet has contributed to the dissemination of false information, adding to the already tense situation in Manipur.

Tweet from @Warlegend20: Link: Misleading Tweet Archive: Archived Tweet

@Warlegend20 shared an image claiming police brutality against Kuki girls in Manipur. However, this image is not recent and was actually captured during a student protest in Manipur back in 2015.

Fact-Checking and Evidence: 

To ascertain the truth behind the image and its relation to the current Manipur violence, we conducted extensive fact-checking and found compelling evidence that debunks the misleading claims.

Facebook Fact Check: Link: Fact Check

A Facebook fact check by Manipur Times exposes the image as an old one from a student protest in 2015, condemning the attempt to falsely link it to the recent events.

Google Image Search: Link: Fact Check Archive: Archived Image

A reverse image search on Google confirms that the image in question is indeed an old photograph from the 2015 student protest in Manipur, further debunking its connection to the recent violence.

Check out tweet here-


Through thorough fact-checking, it is evident that the image of alleged police torture against Kuki girls in Manipur is a misrepresentation. The image is from a 2015 student protest and has no relation to the current Manipur violence. It is crucial to remain vigilant against the spread of misinformation that aims to incite communal unrest and target specific communities. By relying on factual evidence and responsible information sharing, we can combat the propagation of falsehoods and foster a more informed and united society.

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