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Unveiling the Truth: Unruly Protest at Majewadi Gate Mosque, Junagadh
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Unveiling the Truth: Unruly Protest at Majewadi Gate Mosque, Junagadh

In today’s era of social media, misinformation and propaganda have become pervasive issues, capable of swaying public opinion and inciting unrest about Majewadi Gate Mosque. Recently, a video depicting an alleged incident of police brutality against a group of Muslims protesting the demolition of a local mosque has gone viral. However, a closer examination reveals a different narrative altogether. In this blog post, we delve into the incident, analyze the misleading tweets, explore the fact-checking efforts conducted by D-Intent, and ultimately uncover the true intent behind the viral video.

Incident Description: 

The incident took place near Majewadi Gate, where a mosque had received a notice from the Junagadh Municipal Corporation to present valid documents within five days. On the day of the incident, a sizable crowd had gathered, leading to road blockades. The police attempted to convince the crowd not to obstruct traffic, but the situation escalated when the mob became violent. They attacked security forces, pelted stones, and caused injuries. To disperse the violent mob and restore order, the police resorted to lathi-charging and subsequently arrested over 170 individuals involved in the unrest.

Misleading Tweets:

  1. Ashok Swain (@ashoswai) shared the video, suggesting that the police publicly flogged a group of Muslims protesting against the mosque demolition. Link (Archived here)
  2. Sana Afreen (@s_afreen7) amplified the false claim in a tweet, further spreading the narrative of police brutality. Link (Archived here)
  3. Hindutva Watch (@HindutvaWatchIn) propagated the video as evidence of religious persecution and hate crimes. Link (Archived here)
  4. Ahmed Khabeer (@AhmedKhabeer_) disseminated the video, contributing to the spread of false information. Link (Archived here)
  5. Hate Detectors (@HateDetectors) shared the misleading video, adding to the propagation of hate and misinformation. Link (Archived here)

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

D-Intent, a renowned fact-checking organization, diligently examined the viral video and scrutinized the claims made by the aforementioned Twitter accounts. Their investigation uncovered the true sequence of events, shedding light on the actual circumstances surrounding the incident. Through their fact-checking efforts, they discovered that the claims of police brutality were misleading and unsubstantiated. The video misrepresented the situation by omitting the violent actions of the protesting mob, thus distorting the overall narrative.

Fact Checking Links

Link to India Today article providing factual information about the incident (Archived here)

Link to ANI tweet providing accurate updates and clarifications (Archived here)

Link to another ANI tweet providing accurate updates and clarifications (Archived here)

The Complete Intent Behind the Incident: 

The intent behind the circulation of the video becomes clear when considering the accounts responsible for its propagation. These accounts primarily disseminate anti-India and religious misinformation, aiming to advance their own propaganda. By selectively sharing content that supports their agenda, they manipulate public opinion and sow discord among different communities. It is crucial to remain vigilant and rely on verified information from credible sources to counter such misinformation campaigns.


In this age of information overload, it is essential to critically evaluate the content we encounter on social media platforms. The incident discussed in this blog highlights the dangers of misinformation and propaganda. By understanding the true facts and intentions behind viral videos, we can combat the spread of falsehoods and foster a more informed society. Let us strive for responsible sharing and fact-checking to ensure the integrity of information and promote unity in the face of divisive narratives.

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