Unveiling the Truth: Woman Scolding A Boy And A Girl For Not Wearing Helmets

In the realm of social media, the line between reality and fiction can often blur, leading to the spread of misinformation. A recent incident involving a video of a woman scolding a boy and a girl for not wearing helmets has garnered attention. However, upon thorough investigation, it was revealed that the video was scripted and created for public awareness. This blog aims to delve into the incident, expose the misleading tweets and media reports, highlight the fact-checking efforts by D-Intent, and shed light on the true intent behind the circulation of scripted videos as real.

The Incident: 

For the past few weeks, a video depicting a woman reprimanding a boy and a girl for not wearing helmets has been circulating on social media. Users, including mainstream media outlets, shared the video, presenting it as an authentic incident. However, closer examination revealed that the video was scripted, specifically created to raise public awareness about helmet usage and traffic rules.

Misleading Tweets and Media Reports: 

Several tweets and media reports played a significant role in disseminating the scripted video as a genuine incident. Here are some notable examples:

  1. A tweet from @gharkekalesh gained significant attention, sharing the video and garnering thousands of retweets. Tweet 1 Archive
  2. Another tweet by @goankechore amplified the misleading claims, further fueling the viral nature of the video. Tweet 2 Archive
  3. Media outlets such as Zee News and Odisha TV published articles, presenting the scripted video as a real-life incident, contributing to the misinformation. Zee News Article Archive Odisha TV Article Archive

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

In the face of widespread misinformation, fact-checking organization D-Intent took the initiative to uncover the truth behind the scripted video. Their investigation brought to light the following:

  1. D-Intent discovered the full version of the video on Amar Kataria’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Amar Kataria, the policeman seen in the video, specializes in creating similar videos to raise awareness about traffic rules and societal issues. Amar Kataria’s YouTube Channel Archive Amar Kataria’s Facebook Page Archive
  2. The YouTube video description explicitly states that these videos are created for the betterment of society, indicating their scripted nature. Fact-Checking Video

The Intent Behind the Incident: 

The circulation of scripted videos as real incidents serves as a prime example of clickbait tactics employed by users and media outlets. By presenting fabricated content as genuine, they aimed to attract attention, generate engagement, and increase their reach. This incident emphasizes the importance of responsible sharing and fact-checking to combat the spread of misinformation.


The scripted video incident reveals the widespread misleading information on social media. Thanks to organizations like D-Intent, the truth behind the video’s script and its purpose came to light. It reminds users to be vigilant, verify information, and practice responsible sharing to combat the negative impact of clickbait and misinformation.

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