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Using random screenshot Mohammad Zubair abets South Asia Index for deliberate propaganda

The final match of Cricket World Cup 2023 between India and Australia was played on Sunday, November 19, 2023 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. AUS won the match by 6 wickets. Pakistani nexus in disseminating false information about India is widely recognised and well known. Only the home crowd, especially from people like Zubair, could make them successful. Let’s talk about how MD Zubair intentionally misrepresented Indian cricket fans and portrayed them negatively.

Thread 2: Claims Circulated after Travis Head’s Wife Got Targeted

According to recent reports, Travis Head’s wife was the target of online abuses and threats on Instagram by Indian fans. Soon after this news became viral, Tehseen Poonawalla Official (“@tehseenp“) shared the pictures from different online sources which claimed that Travid Head’s wife faced online threats and abuse from Indians after Australia won the Cricket World Cup 2023. According to him, the threats of death and rape directed towards Travis Head’s wife, along with other online abuse, are definitely coming from Pakistan. He requested the Union minister for IT to look into the matter and investigate it. He added, No cricketer will ever be mistreated or have their family threatened by our Indians. Pakistan is attempting to harm India with this, as India and Australia are close friends and members in QUAD. The verified account on twitter urged to use data and proof to objectively expose Pakistan in this regard. The tweet was made on Nov 20, 2023 and reached to an about 995.7k user accounts.

Mohammed Zubair (“@zoo_bear“), Fact-Checker and Co-founder of Alt News, hurried to counter him and place the blame on Indian cricket supporters in response to the tweet made by Tehseen Poonawalla Official. He wrote “Hey @tehseenp, Not a good way to escape instead of addressing the issue. I’ve seen comments under Travis’s insta posts & have taken at least 18 screenshots yesterday after people pointed out on Twitter. Yes these are Indian accounts. What’s worse is, almost all of them are Minors”. He made the tweet on Nov 21,2023 at 2:44 AM.

In response to this tweet, @tehseenp replied back that few idiots who are already engaged in it are making an attempt to spoil the global reputation of India.

D-Intent’s tweet:

Thread 3: South Asian Index started spreading Fake news

The known Pakistani propaganda account South Asian Index quickly began disseminating the story “Australian Players Complain to Board Over Receiving Death Threats from Indian Fans for Them and Their Families.” This news is untrue and lacks a reliable source.

South Asia Index (“@SouthAsiaIndex“) tweeted “Just IN:— Several Australian cricketers have reported to Aussie cricket board for receiving death and ra/pe threats for them and their families from Indian cricket fans after world cup final.” on Nov 21, 2023.

D-Intent confirmed that the news spread is false and has no valid source.

Thread 4: FREE PRESS JOURNAL deleted the article after publishing invalid news

Soon after, the South Asian Index tweet served as the sole source for an article on that topic published by FREE PRESS JOURNAL and crictoday. They only provide one tweet from a Pakistani account as a source for this news, nothing more. Afterwards, the article was removed by the Free Press Journal. The snapshots are attached below.

D-Intent’s tweet:

Thread 5: Zubair Realized it can go against him, so copied our thread

After realising the potential consequences and the extent of the damage, Zubair timidly forwarded the September @dintentdata thread on the South Asia Index, which he had disregarded earlier.

Mohammed Zubair (“@zoo_bear“) forwarded our thread whis was made on Sep 22, 2023. He tweeted on Nov 21, 2023 that the Pakistani account @SaimaMomin_ was changed to @SouthAsiaIndex in 2022. The same guy mostly runs even @OSINT_Insider account. He has received an about 29.5k views on X.

Zubair’s Tweet on Nov,2023:

D-Intent’s Old Tweet on Sep,2023:

D-Intent’s Current Tweet:

Thread 6: Zubair copy pasted random screenshots targeting Indian players without any verification

Zubair has a reputation for being especially interested in copy-pasting arbitrary screenshots that target Indian players without any kind of verification. These screenshots are then used by propaganda handles based in Pakistan to push their agenda.

He had previously acted in the same way towards Md. Shami and Arshdeep and tried to stop the blame on Pakistani fans.

D-Intent’s tweet:

Thread 7: Pakistan-based propaganda account that runs anti-India propaganda under the name of South Asia Index

A propaganda account in Pakistan that publishes all the negative and fake information about India through biased reporting and made-up stories is under the same name of South Asia Index. The account is run by a Pakistani named Saima Mohin. We confirmed it and made the tweet on Sep 22, 2023.

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