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Viral Slap Kabaddi from Pakistan identified as Indian. Here is the Fact

A viral video of kabaddi played in Pakistan by two men slapping at each other, popularly known as “Thappad Kabaddi” or “Slap Kabbadi” is circulated in social media with a claim that the unusual, and visually shocking sport is played in India. In the video, two men can be seen slapping each other across the chest in an unconventional way.

User @stillgray @CatchUpFeed tweeted the video and claimed that the game is getting trend in Tik Tok as an Indian game.

Fact Check

The D-Intent team did some research and found a video on Youtube of the game shared on the channel @KabaddiMax on June 24, 2023, which is a Pakistani Youtube channel. While going through the other videos present on the channel, it is clear that this channel exclusively posts Kabaddi games from Pakistan.

slap kabaddi from pakistan

A Pakistani kabaddi player named Haji Tassawur gave BBC an explanation of the game’s rules, saying, “In Slap Kabaddi, two wrestlers must get into a battle. There are two people competing in the match. By hitting, one player earns a point; the other player defends to negate that point. The quality of slaps your opponent receives is irrelevant; you can slap as many as you can. Slap kabaddi, also known as Thappad Kabaddi, is a new sport that is becoming more popular in Punjab, Pakistan, according to BBC World Service.

In ancient India’s rural communities, a common team sport known as kabaddi was practiced. Farmers and peasants used to play this game as a kind of exercise and amusement at the same time to keep physically healthy. while kabaddi is a team sport performed in India with seven players, Slap Kabaddi is a dual sport played in Pakistan.


Therefore D- Intent fact-check approves that the viral game called the Slap Kabaddi which is claimed to be from India is totally misleading. The game and the video originated in Pakistan it has no relation with India.

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Editor D-Intent Data
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