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Wrestler Sakshi Malik’s Misleading Image Claims: Unveiling the Truth

In recent events, wrestler Sakshi Malik shared an old and sensitive image on social media, falsely attributing it to the farmers’ protest. However, upon investigation, it was revealed that one of the images depicted an incident from Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, where a Sikh tempo driver named Sabarjeet Singh was beaten up by the police during a scuffle in June 2019. This blog aims to expose the misinformation spread by Sakshi Malik and shed light on the actual context behind Sakshi Malik’s misleading image claims.

The Misleading Tweets:
  1. Sakshi Malik’s tweet: In her tweet (Link to Tweet), Sakshi Malik shared the old sensitive image, misleadingly associating it with the ongoing farmers’ protest. (Archived: Archive Link)
  2. Sayema’s tweet: Another tweet by Sayema (Link to Tweet) further propagated the false narrative. (Archived: Archive Link)

Fact Checking and Context:

  1. Facebook Fact Check: A detailed fact-checking article (Link to Article) provides evidence that one of the shared images is indeed from the Mukherjee Nagar incident involving Sabarjeet Singh.
  2. NDTV Article: An article by NDTV (Link to Article) reveals that two cops were suspended for their unprofessional behavior during the same incident. (Archived: Archive Link)

Unveiling the Truth: 

The shared image has no connection to the farmers’ protests or any recent demonstrations. It depicts an unfortunate incident from June 2019, involving a Sikh tempo driver and the police in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi. The intention behind Sakshi Malik’s actions appears to be a deliberate attempt to manipulate the narrative and mislead her followers.


Misinformation in today’s digital age can spread rapidly, and it is crucial to verify facts before sharing sensitive content. The case of wrestler Sakshi Malik’s misleading image claims serves as a reminder to exercise caution and critical thinking while consuming and sharing information online. By exposing such instances of misinformation, we can strive towards a more informed and responsible digital society.

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