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Unverified Old Video of Pickpocket and Korean Tourists Circulated with False Claims: Fact-Check

A few days ago, an old video surfaced on social media platforms, showing a female foreign tourist recording a video using her front camera while a man behind her appeared to be involved in a dispute. The video was accompanied by claims that an Indian individual was attempting to molest a Chinese female tourist, resulting in her partner kicking the alleged perpetrator. The video in question has been widely shared on various social media platforms, some prominent propagandists are @Bazingaaaa_a, @AsianDigest, @KimJongwins,@Koh_e_Yar, @ShaykhSulaiman, @ownthoughts_24 .

The Source and Origin of the Video

However, the claims that are being circulated in the caption of that particular video are false and misleading, and our investigation into the source of the video led us to discover that it has been circulating on several Korean social media platforms and media outlets.

According to reliable reports, this video is not a recent incident nor does it involve any form of molestation. Instead, it is an old video that dates back to 2019 and originates from India itself. The video captures an incident where a pickpocket attempted to steal from a woman who was broadcasting live. In response to this theft attempt, a man from her group swiftly kicked the pickpocket. Click here, to see the video. [Archive]

Contrary to the claims circulating with the old video, there is no evidence to suggest that this incident had any connection to the molestation of a foreign female tourist. The altercation in the video was a direct response to a theft attempt, and there is no indication of any inappropriate behaviour toward the woman.

The Intent & The Conclusion:

The circulation of this video with false claims highlights a disturbing trend of misinformation and propaganda targeting India and its people. It appears that individuals or groups with malicious intent are deliberately spreading falsehoods to tarnish India’s image and reputation. This misinformation campaign seeks to exploit the emotions and sentiments of the public by portraying an innocent incident as a case of harassment.

In conclusion, the video depicting an altercation between a man and a pickpocket, while a woman records using her front camera, has been circulated with false claims of molestation. Our fact-checking investigation reveals that this incident took place in India in 2019 and had nothing to do with the alleged molestation of a female tourist. Following a precise analysis and fact-checking, our team has reviewed the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread below.

Claim: A video circulating on social media shows an Indian attempting to molest a Chinese female tourist, resulting in her partner kicking the alleged perpetrator.

Fact: The video in question is an old incident from 2019 in India, where a pickpocket attempted theft from a foreign female tourist from Korea who was live broadcasting.

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