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Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh— Old Video Of Under Construction Temporary Toilets in Varanasi Circulated As Ayodhya: Fact-Check

A video depicting toilet seating arrangements under construction has gone viral, accompanied by the false assertion that these arrangements were made for Ayodhya visitors during the consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir.

Verified accounts on twitter, including Jayant Bhandari (“@JayantBhandari5“) tweeted “Here is India’s attempt to reduce open defecation.” on Jan 4, 2024. The tweet has received an about 23.2k views on X.

Several other accounts, including Rajiv Tyagi (“@rajivtango“), Crime Reports India (“@AsianDigest“), @sangeetabharti_ also made the same claim that two rows of open Indian toilets were arranged for visitors to Ayodhya. @ashoswai tweeted “Modi has built toilets for Indians!” after sharing the image on Jan 3, 2024. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

The truth is that these are not fully prepared seats; rather, they are temporary toilets being under construction in Swarved Mahamandir Dham Varanasi, not Ayodhya. The assertions made are unfounded and untrue. It has nothing to do with the Consecration ceremony of Ram Mandir. This is an excellent initiative under “Swachh Bharat” for pilgrims.

The video was uploaded in Youtube on Dec 11, 2023.

Check out the full Video here:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Anti-India Propagandists are circulating selective visuals of under-construction toilet seating arrangements from Varanasi to set their propaganda against Ram Mandir and India. But, after proper research, analysis and fact-checking, we have discovered that The truth is that these seats are not yet ready; instead, temporary toilets are under construction in Swarved Mahamandir Dham Varanasi, not in Ayodhya. The statements that have been made are baseless and untrue. It is related to the Consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir.


Fact : The truth is that Swarved Mahamandir Dham Varanasi, not Ayodhya, is where the temporary toilets under construction are located, not fully prepared seats. False and baseless claims have been made. It is not related to the Ram Mandir Consecration ceremony.

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