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Abbas Ansari’s Wife Nikhat Ansari Was Arrested For Illegally Entering Jail And Indulging in Criminal Activities, Propagandists set Fake Narrative

Abbas Ansari’s Wife Nikhat Ansari Was Arrested For Illegally Entering Jail And Indulging in Criminal Activities, Propagandists set Fake Narrative

A few days ago, a video surfaced, circulating through propaganda accounts, showcasing Nikhat Ansari, wife of Abbas Ansari, leaving jail after allegedly being granted bail by the Supreme Court. The narrative portrayed her as a victim separated from her child and husband, both entangled in legal issues. Contrary to the propagated narrative, Abbas Ansari’s wife Nikhat Ansari was arrested on February 11, not after being granted bail. She was arrested for illegally entering Chitrakoot jail along with her driver, Niyaz and indulging in Criminal Activities. This arrest came after Chitrakoot Superintendent of Police Vrinda Shukla discovered her in a guest room adjacent to the jailor’s office during a surprise inspection. The search ended with many mobile phones, foreign currency, and prohibited items getting confiscated.

The misinformation campaign was not confined to the video itself. In the aftermath of Nikhat Ansari’s arrest, a web of misinformation emerged from propagandist sources. Several prominent propagandists and habitual spreaders of fake news actively contributed to amplifying the misleading narrative. Kashif Arsalaan (@KashifArsalaan) and Ali Sohrab (@007AliSohrab) were among those who disseminated the distorted version of events. Their tweets aimed to invoke sympathy and present Nikhat Ansari as a victim of an oppressive system.


Claims were made that she was unjustly incarcerated for months without seeing her child, her crime being her attempt to meet her husband, a jailed MLA. However, the truth stands that Nikhat Ansari was engaging in activities beyond mere family visits. The investigation found that she had been secretly meeting her husband every 2-3 days, assisted by complicit jail officials. During these visits, she facilitated his illegal activities, including running a business and political dealings through unauthorized cell phones, but unfortunately, propagandists conveniently omitted crucial details regarding her true involvement in illicit activities within the jail premises from their posts.

Upon discovery of the illegal activities, seven jail officials, including the superintendent, were suspended. Furthermore, individuals aiding Nikhat in her works, including prison officials and a local Samajwadi Party leader, were arrested as well.

Beyond Nikhat Ansari’s Involvement

Abbas Ansari, an MLA from the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party, was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in November 2022 in connection with a money laundering case. He is the son of the imprisoned Mukhtar Ansari, a former MLA and gangster. Abbas Ansari’s arrest followed a period of scrutiny, with the ED citing his lack of cooperation during their investigation. He was subsequently produced before a Prayagraj court, which granted a seven-day police custody for evidence collection.

Amidst his arrest, questions arose regarding his alleged illicit activities while imprisoned. It was revealed that Abbas Ansari was accused of operating his business from within the jail premises, utilizing unauthorized cell phones facilitated by his wife, Nikhat Ansari. This revelation shed light on a complex web of connections that extended beyond the prison walls, ultimately leading to further scrutiny and investigations.

Conclusion: Separating Fact from Fiction

The spread of this misinformation likely aims to shift the focus away from the legal actions taken against Abbas Ansari. By painting Nikhat Ansari as a victim, propagandists may want to rally public support and undermine the efforts of the Uttar Pradesh administration, led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, to maintain law and order. Propagandists want to defend the couple, Abbas and Nikhat Ansari, despite knowing the fact that they were arrested for being involved in criminal activities.

Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below and also for reference we have attached several news articles links for a better understanding of the whole story, one can refer to them: MLA Abbas Ansari arrested by ED [archive], Jailed MLA Abbas Ansari ran his business from jail through wife’s phones [archive] and Nikhat Ansari, released on bail by Supreme Court, walks out of Chitrakoot jail [archive].

Claim: Nikhat Ansari was unfairly arrested for attempting to meet her husband, an elected MLA.

Fact: Nikhat Ansari was arrested for illegally entering jail, and aiding her husband in illegal activities while incarcerated.

In our pursuit of accurate and unbiased information, we’ve diligently fact-checked the claims surrounding the incident. Misinformation can sow discord and disrupt communal harmony. Your support matters greatly in our mission to foster an informed and united society. Together, let’s strive to make India and Indians proud, upholding truth and unity. Jai Hind.

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