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“Brother and Sister Brutally Beaten by Villagers in Madhya Pradesh for Meeting at In-Laws’ House” Read Factcheck

ANALYSIS: Misleading

Misleading Tweet

Fact: A video is being circulated on social media in which some people can be seen thrashing a man and a woman tied with a rope. The video has been shared with misleading claim that the man and woman are brother and sister or cousins to eachother. According to police woman’s husband Ramesh Korku and the victim man Biharilal Korku are cousins brother and coworkers. Biharilal came to Ramesh’s village Bamanda from Jharikheda he found his sister-in-law at home, then both started talking to each other sitting on a cot. Meanwhile Ramdas Korku, Ishwar Korku and Dayaram Korku came to Kalavati’s house and asked Biharilal why he is talking to Kalavati. They started abusing him and later tied them and thrashed for crimination of adultery. Case has been registered, accused has been arrested Both the victims are not siblings but brother-in-law & sister-in-law. Although coworkers,why Biharilal was not at work with Ramesh,Instead found with Kalavati is not explained!


INTENT:User spreading news with false claim to mislead people

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