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Dead Daughter Hanged on Temple Door: D-Intent Reveals True Story

Dead Daughter Hanged on Temple Door: D-Intent Reveals True Story

In a shocking incident that occurred on July 13th, a sensitive image of a girl’s dead body hanging down at the door of a temple in Lutfabad Bachhauli village, Ayodhya district, Uttar Pradesh, started circulating on social media. The image was accompanied by a claim that the dead daughter was raped, killed, and hanged on the temple door. However, the police have since clarified that the cause of death was antemortem hanging and that it had nothing to do with murder. It is crucial to delve into the incident and examine how misleading links played a role in spreading false information with the intention of pushing certain political agendas in the state.

The Incident Unraveled:

To understand the incident in detail, let’s take a look at the misleading links that contributed to the misinformation. We will be referring to these links as we explore the sequence of events.

One of the earliest misleading links was posted by a user with the handle @cibnews__. This tweet contained the sensitive image of the girl’s body at the temple door and the false claim of rape and murder.

Another user with the handle @ahana_00 also posted a similar misleading link, propagating the same false narrative about the tragic incident.

Surprisingly, even a political party’s official account, @INCUttarPradesh, fell victim to spreading misinformation, posting a misleading link regarding the incident.

@Baba_ji_002  a user with a considerable following, also played a role in amplifying the false claims through their misleading link.

Fact Checking and Results:

Thankfully, in the age of information, we also have organizations like “D-Intent” that specialize in fact-checking and verifying the accuracy of such incidents. Here’s what the fact-checking revealed:

@ayodhya_police,” the official Twitter handle of Ayodhya Police, provided credible information about the incident, stating that the cause of death was, indeed, antemortem hanging.

Concluding Thoughts:

The incident of the dead daughter hanged on a temple door shocked the nation, but it is essential to separate the truth from the misinformation that followed. Misleading links shared by various users and even a political party’s account contributed to spreading false claims about the tragic event. It is evident that some users intended to use this incident for their political gain, ignoring the sensitivity and impact of their actions.

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to verify information before sharing it and to refrain from perpetuating false narratives. Fact-checking organizations like D-Intent play a crucial role in combating misinformation and upholding the truth.

Let us learn from this incident and be vigilant in discerning the accuracy of information before engaging with it on social media platforms. Together, we can create a more informed and responsible online community, free from the clutches of misleading information.

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