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Fact-Check: Viral ‘Zahra’s Blue Eyes’ TV Series Video Misrepresented with False Claims

Recently, a video of an old man with a young girl has gone viral on social media platforms with misleading claims. This viral “Zahra’s Blue Eyes” TV series video shows an old man lying in a green bushes field with a young girl. The video has spread widely with the false claim that the man is Pakistani and was engaging in unethical activity with the young girl. D-Intent Data has found that the viral video is actually a scene from the Syrian-Iranian Television Series “Zahra’s Blue Eyes” from 2004, and has been circulating with these misleading claims.

Misleading Claims About the Zahra’s Blue Eyes TV Series Video

A short video that shows an old man with a young girl has been shared with misleading claims that 86-year-old Mohammad Moinuddin was caught doing unethical and sexual activity with a 7-year-old minor girl in Jacobabad, Pakistan.

Several users have shared the video of an old man with a young girl, and made false claims.

Sharing the video, SaffronSunanda said, “Meet Mohammad Moinuddin, 86 years old.He was caught on camera while doing sexual assault of 7 year old minor girl in a farming field.Video is from Jacobabad, Pakistan”. She later deleted the post whose archive is available here.

Zahra's Blue Eyes TV series video

Self-proclaimed OSINT and fake news peddler RealBababanaras has also posted the video on X(Formerly Twitter) and said. “86 year old Mohammad Moinuddin caught unethical activity with a 7 year old minor girl. Video is from Jacobabad, Islamic Republic Of Pakistan.These people are black spots in our society. Must be punished and separated”. The post can be found here (Archived).

Salwan Momika who is known for his anti-Muslim stance has also posted the video and said. “Muhammad Moin Al-Din, 86 years old.He sexually assaults a 7-year-old girl in an agricultural field.This is an Islamic culture, and also Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, married Aisha when she was 6 years old.What do you think of people who believe in this culture? They live in the West today in their numbers in the millions”. The post on X(Formerly Twitter) can be accessed here (Archived)

Several other users have also shared the video with the same claims. Their posts can be seen here SonuGup90911518 ( Archived), MrObito777 ( Archived )

Origin and Context of the Misrepresented Zahra’s Blue Eyes TV Series Video

As soon as the video came to our knowledge. we tried to find if the claims are true or false. During research, D-Intent Data has found that the viral video is from a movie scene, not an actual incident. The video is from a Syrian-Iranian television series, “Zahra’s Blue Eyes”, which premiered in 2004. The old man and the young girl are hiding in the green bushes field to save themselves. The full video was uploaded on YouTube, where the same scene can be seen at the time stamp 2:33:00. The video is available here.

The viral video is not an actual incident but a movie scene and the old man is not doing unethical or sexual activities with the young girl. Also the video has nothing to do with Pakistan.


Influencers circulated videos from Television Series and made false claims to set their narrative based on religion.


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