FACTCHECK-FIR against 3 alleged Bajrangdal members for tieing an assamese youth to an electric pole and assaulting him alleging he was carrying beef

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: The video is being circulated with misleading context. Bajrang Dal Activist caught the guy with beef, tied to pole and handed him over to police, as no such beating took place. Karnataka government implemented anti-cattle slaughter law, making it illegal to transport, slaughter, or trade any cattle(cows, bulls, or oxen) in the state. Users trying to make it a big issue, and defending illegal activities. Death toll of cattle affected by lumpy skin disease has crossed 23,000 in the state after 286 deaths of LSD cattle were reported on a single day during the last year end .In such conditions Police raid illegal cow slaughterhouse, confiscate 200 kg beef recently.

INTENT: Anti-India gang spreading a video with wrong context & misleading all by hiding original crime of the criminal






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