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FACTCHECK: “Journalist Irfan Meraj Arrested by NIA under UAPA in Srinagar, Moved to Delhi”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: NIA has arrested Irfan Mehraj , terrorist sympathizer and so called journalist , also close friend of Khurram Parvez who was arrested in 2021 by NIA in terror funding case. NIA said Following comprehensive investigations into the NGO Terror funding case registered in October 2020, Irfan Mehraj was also working with Khurram Parvez’s organization,Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Societies (JKCCS).Investigation revealed that the JKCCS was funding terror activities in the valley and had also been in propagation of secessionist agenda in the Valley under the garb of protection of human rights.He is regular contributor to anti India news media like the Wire, newarab ,DW , TRTworld etc with misleading articles .He is also editor of TwoCircles, which has Jamaat and IAMC connections.

INTENT: Terror sympathizers, valley based politicians and anti India gang trying to defend arrested criminal and projecting him as an innocent journalist to set their propaganda.



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