#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”Christiano Ronaldo fans in Kerala have beaten up a Hindu supremacist after he tore up the national flag of Portugal”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A false news from Kerala is being circulated on social media,so called intellectuals are sharing image of an injured man wearing saffron clothes claiming that he was beaten up by Christiano Ronaldo fans for damaging flag of Portugal. The police said that the news circulating about the beating is false and the picture of someone else is being circulated. Hospital also confirmed no such patient is admitted.
The man tearing the flag is different from the injured man Shown in viral image Kannur is a location where RSS and SDPI clashed in past. So both group supporters despise each other, in such place, one man mistook Portugal flag for SDPI flag and tore it .
Police came and booked him for it.
But anti-national hatemongers are spreading lies about clash PFI banned for being radical terrorist organization. So their political wing SDPI is angry and attacking local BJP/RSS workers.

INTENT: Anti-India gang is spreading fake news about clash and trying to create unrest in the country.



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