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Indore, Madhya Pradesh— Woman Stripped, Paraded and Beaten Up By Four Women Belonging To Same Community, Propagandists Circulate Casteist Claims: Fact-Check 

A video of a group of women tormenting a defenceless woman has gone viral and is being portrayed as a hate crime based on caste because it emphasises the victim’s caste identification. It is being claimed that the lower caste woman was beaten, stripped and paraded naked publicly in Madhya Pradesh.

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Dalit Times | दलित टाइम्स
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Karur, Tamilnadu– Students Belonging to Most Backwards Class Skipped Breakfast Cooked By Dalit Woman, Distorted Claims Propagated

A few days ago in Karur, Tamil Nadu, a sad incident took place in a government school under the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme due to caste-based discrimination. Shockingly, students hailing from the Most Backward Class refused to eat the breakfast prepared by a Dalit woman cook. This incident sparked outrage

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