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Reliance Jio Network Outage Fact-Check: Debunking Pakistani Accounts’ False Claims

A Reliance Jio network outage fact-check reveals that while the company has indeed experienced a major service disruption across India, claims of foreign intelligence agency involvement are unfounded. The outage has affected access to key internet applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, X, and Telegram. In the wake of this incident, Pakistani propaganda accounts have circulated false claims, necessitating a thorough examination of the facts.

Pakistan accounts circulate false claims about Reliance Jio Network Outage

Pakistan-based propaganda accounts have picked up the news about the Jio internet service outage and circulated it with self-invented claims.

Pakistan-based propaganda account named PSYWAR Bureau (@PSYWAROPS) made a post on X(Formerly Twitter), and said. “lt has been reported that a foreign country’s inteIIigence agency has breached the servers of lndia’s Iargest teIecommunications provider, Jio. compromising the data of aII its users.As a resuIt, Jio users nationwide are experiencing significant network issues, with many unabIe to access pIatforms such as X, WhatsApp, lnstagram, YouTube, and GoogIe.” The post can be seen here (Archived)

Reliance Jio Network Outage Fact-Check: Separating Truth from Pakistani Propaganda

The truth is that, there are no verified reports and sources of the foreign intelligence agency attacking the telecom network. Also this Pakistani account is known for making up false stories about India and circulating on social media.

According to reports, Reliance Jio faces a major service outage affecting access to popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Google. 54% of complaints are about mobile internet issues, 38% relate to Jio Fiber disruptions. and 7% report mobile network problems. Reported Livemint

There are no reports of foreign intelligence agencies attacking the Indian telecom network company and this account is a serial fake news peddler.


Pakistan-based propaganda accounts are circulating self-invented claims about the Jio internet service and setting their propaganda against India.


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