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Sultanpur Jail Suicides
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The Truth About the Sultanpur Jail Suicides

In recent times, an incident at Sultanpur Jail in Uttar Pradesh has caused widespread concern and grief. Two men, Manoj Raidas and Vijay Pasi, tragically committed suicide within the jail premises. The duo had been arrested on May 30 for their alleged involvement in a murder case in a village in Amethi district. On June 21st, they were found hanging from a tree in Sultanpur Jail. However, in the wake of this tragedy, misleading information and propaganda have surfaced, further exacerbating the situation. This blog aims to delve into the incident of Sultanpur jail suicides, explore the misleading links, and examine the fact-checking that has been carried out to shed light on the truth.

The Incident Unraveled:

The incident of the suicides of Manoj Raidas and Vijay Pasi has sparked widespread interest and concern. However, misleading links, originating from propaganda accounts based in Pakistan, have been circulating the news with baseless claims that these suicides were actually custodial deaths. This misinformation has the potential to stoke tension and unrest, creating unnecessary chaos based on caste-related issues.

These misleading links claim that the tragic suicides were, in fact, orchestrated by custodial authorities. However, the reality is that the police have already clarified the circumstances surrounding the incident. The tragic suicides occurred within the premises of Sultanpur Jail, and there is no evidence to suggest any foul play or custodial abuse in this case.

The Fact-Checking Process:

To get to the truth of the matter, fact-checking organizations like D-Intent have stepped in to examine the incident and the misleading claims that have been circulating. They have meticulously analyzed the available information to uncover the reality behind the tragic suicides.

The above misleading tweet suggests that the suicides were not self-inflicted but rather a result of foul play. However, fact-checking by reliable sources such as NewsClick has debunked these claims, confirming that the suicides were, indeed, committed by Manoj Raidas and Vijay Pasi themselves, without any external interference.

Furthermore, another misleading link from the Twitter handle “sultanpurpolice” has been propagating the idea of custodial abuse leading to the suicides. However, the fact-checking process revealed that this claim is baseless, and the police have been transparent in their explanation of the incident.

The Intention Behind Misinformation:

The intention behind the circulation of these misleading links and false claims is a matter of concern. It appears that religious hate and propaganda accounts are exploiting this tragic incident to target the administration and create unrest based on caste-related issues. Spreading misinformation in sensitive situations like this can have severe consequences, adding unnecessary tension to an already tragic event.


The Sultanpur Jail Suicides have been a heart-wrenching incident that has shaken the community. However, it is crucial to seek and uphold the truth in such situations. Misleading links and false claims from propaganda accounts can only exacerbate the pain and unrest. The fact-checking process by organizations like D-Intent has revealed the real story behind the suicides, exposing the baselessness of the claims made by these misleading links. As we come to terms with this tragedy, let us strive for unity and rely on verified information to avoid falling victim to divisive misinformation.

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