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“Tragic Incident in Rampur: Father and Two Children Take Their Lives After Being Threatened with House Demolition by Authorities” Read Factcheck


Misleading Tweet:

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FACT:A news is being circulated on social media in which being said Mohammad Saleem consumed poison along with his two children after administration officials arbitrarily informed him that his house would be razed in UP’s Rampur district. Saleem and his daughter died & his son survived. According to police Saleem and 8yr old his daughter resident of Shadi ki Mandaiyan village died after consuming poisonous substance they were admitted to hospital but lost their lives during treatment on 8 April 2023 Preliminary investigation has revealed that Salim was suffering from Thalassemia disease, due to depression he consumed poisonous substance. Police said it is being investigated that he consumed poison after hearing about house demolition.

INTENT: Users and news media spreading news with false claim about a unfortunate incident while the matter is being investigated.

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