Unmasking Digital Deception: Allegedly capturing Pakistan Zindabad slogans being shouted after a political victory

In the age of technology, video content has become a powerful medium for conveying messages and shaping public opinion. However, this power can be easily manipulated, as evidenced by the recent incident involving a doctored video circulating on social media. The video, allegedly capturing Pakistan Zindabad slogans being shouted after a political victory, is a chilling reminder of how digital deception can be used to spread disharmony. Let us unravel the truth behind this disturbing episode.

The Doctored Video Unveiled

With the advent of social media, videos can quickly gain traction and influence public perception. In this case, a video emerged depicting a crowd allegedly shouting Pakistan Zindabad slogans in celebration of the Samajwadi Party candidate Irshad Ahmed’s victory in Fatehpur, Barabanki. However, closer inspection has revealed that this video has been tampered with and bears no resemblance to reality.

Unmasking the Truth: Police Investigation Reveals Manipulation

Law enforcement authorities swiftly took action in response to the video, launching an investigation into its authenticity. Their findings were clear: the circulated video had been digitally altered, distorting the original footage to incite a false narrative. The genuine video contains no instances of Pakistan Zindabad slogans being raised. Moreover, the police have identified the individual responsible for tampering with the video and are taking appropriate action against them.

Violations and Accountability: Consequences for Miscreants

Alongside the investigation into the doctored video, authorities are also addressing the actions of those involved in the procession. Violating Section 144, which prohibits large gatherings in the interest of public safety, carries consequences. The individuals who participated in the procession are facing legal repercussions for disregarding the law.

Spreading Disharmony: The Agenda of Digital Deception

The incident surrounding the altered video serves as a glaring example of how political influencers can exploit digital platforms to fuel divisions and spread disharmony. By disseminating manipulated content, they sow seeds of discord among communities and instigate tensions. It is a stark reminder of the dangers of misinformation and the responsibility we all bear to be critical consumers of information.


The case of the manipulated video featuring Pakistan Zindabad slogans reveals the alarming extent to which digital deception can be used to propagate false narratives and incite disharmony. As citizens, it is crucial that we remain vigilant, questioning the authenticity and veracity of the content we encounter. By actively seeking the truth and challenging misinformation, we can counter the efforts of those who seek to manipulate public opinion for their own divisive agendas.

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Let us strive for a society that values truth, integrity, and unity. Together, we can create an environment where digital deception holds no power, and where the pursuit of harmony and understanding prevails over the forces of division.

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