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J&K, India— DG ISPR IT Cell Circulates Concocted Propaganda Against The Indian Army About Encounter With The Terrorists In Anantnag

A few days ago, an encounter between security forces and Pakistan-sponsored terrorists took place in Gadool, Kokernag, and Anantnag. Following this event, Pakistan’s Army’s DG ISPR IT Cell circulated fabricated propaganda statements against the Indian Army and Jammu and Kashmir police.

The False Claims

The DG ISPR IT Cell released a press (propaganda) note and claimed that Indian Army Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Ashish, along with 30+ soldiers, accompanied by DSP J&K Police Humayun Bhat and 10+ J&K Police personnel, launched an operation to eliminate Kashmiris. The release further alleged that the Indian forces were ambushed and surrounded by Kashmiris, leading to casualties and the surrender of the personnel. However, this statement is entirely false & baseless.

The Facts

Security forces initiated the operation based on credible intelligence regarding the terrorist presence, a standard procedure. Security forces are using drones and helicopters for surveillance of the dense forest area, the official said. It was a Joint Operation launched by the Indian Army, CRPF, J&K Police and Intelligence agencies. The DG ISPR IT Cell propaganda narrative of an ambush is false and misleading.

Contrary to the DG ISPR IT Cell propaganda claims, only three brave soldiers lost their lives in the encounter: Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish Dhonack, and DSP Humayun Muzamil Bhat. Three officers were critically injured in the gun battle. Reinforcements were sent to the scene, but the injured could not be immediately evacuated due to the terrorists’ well-entrenched position and heavy gunfire.

The Propaganda Strategy

The DG ISPR IT Cell is notorious for fabricating statements and spreading propaganda. The ISPR here too followed its usual pattern of disseminating misinformation. They release statements on their website, then employ accounts across social media posing as OSINTs who work like a bot to amplify these false narratives on social media. Pro-Pakistani accounts such as @AirOpsSyndicate and @SyndicatePSF spread fake news regularly about India and the Indian Armed Forces, following a consistent pattern. Notably, they promote these fabricated stories to divert attention from the losses they face from various anti-Pakistani terrorist forces.

Additional Context

On September 11, 2023, an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded in Peshawar, resulting in the death of a Pakistani Army soldier. Regrettably, Pakistan’s DG ISPR IT Cell did not emphasize this incident and just posted a Press Release [archive], revealing a selective approach in their public narratives and propaganda. Their aim is to divert attention from the daily casualties suffered by Pakistani soldiers at the hands of TTP, BLA, and other anti-Pakistan terrorist groups. It surely raises questions about their priorities.

Intent and Conclusion

The intent behind the actions of DG ISPR IT Cell is clear: to spread false narratives and propaganda against the Indian Army and manipulate the Anantnag encounter incident. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s own security forces face grave challenges from terrorist groups. Pakistan’s history of spreading fake propaganda is well-documented, and this incident is no exception. Pakistan has done it in the past, doing it in the present and will continue to do so. It is crucial to discern the truth from such misleading propaganda. Our hearts go out to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation, and we at D-Intent Data, stand with our security forces in their unwavering dedication to combat terrorism. Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below.

Claim: Indian Army Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish, and J&K Police DSP Humayun Bhat, along with their teams, were on a mission to eliminate Kashmiris, were ambushed by the Kashmiris, and eventually surrendered, leading to their death.

Fact: They died in an encounter with Pakistan-sponsored terrorists.

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