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1102 Bangladesh Lynching Video
Ajay ChauhanFact Check

Chattogram, Bangladesh — A Kidnapper & Murderer Was Beaten To Death by Villagers, Propagandists Circulate Video With Communal Claims

A few days ago, a lynching video from Bangladesh circulated widely, showing a man being brutally beaten by a large crowd after being dragged out of a police vehicle. The video was shared with the claim that Muslim extremists in Bangladesh had killed a Buddhist tribal. However, the truth of the matter is far from this claim. The misleading news was primarily shared by @ajaychauhan41, a known propagandist.

The Real Story

The man in the video was actually a kidnapper and murderer. He, along with five other tribal accomplices, had kidnapped and killed a man from the majority community at the end of August. When the. police were taking the accused to the crime scene, angry villagers snatched him from the police and lynched him. This act of violence resulted in injuries to three policemen who tried to save him. The incident was not religiously motivated but was an outburst of anger from the villagers over the killing of Shibli Sadiq Hridoy. The video of the lynching incident from Bangladesh went viral on social media. To know more about the incident, kindly read the report by (archive).

The Propaganda Intent & The Conclusion

The user’s intent was to spread this Bangladesh lynching video with fake news to fuel communal tensions and promote hatred towards one community, while conveniently hiding the fact that the lynched person was a criminal.

In conclusion, it’s important to verify information before sharing it, especially when it has the potential to incite communal tensions. The disturbing incident in question had nothing to do with religion or communal hatred but was a reaction to a heinous crime committed by the man who was lynched. We don’t support any type of violence or lynching, moreover, the sharing and promoting of the video from Bangladesh is wrong. Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below.

Claim: A video shows Muslim extremists in Bangladesh killing a Buddhist tribal.

Fact: The video shows villagers lynching a kidnapper and murderer.

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