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Rajasthan — Old Video Of Ritual Tractor Pulling Bhairav Baba Idols Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check

A few days ago, a video resurfaced on social media showing a religious idol being pulled by a tractor while placed on a wooden structure behind it, the video came with claims that a temple of Bhairav Baba had been broken, and the idol was being dragged disrespectfully in Rajasthan. The misleading claims accompanying the video have been shared by certain pro-Hindu social media accounts, including @bhagwakrantee, @ajaychauhan41, @TheAbhishek_IND, and @bhagwa_Sher. These accounts are propagating misinformation with the apparent intent to target the Rajasthan government. However, upon investigation, we can confirm that this video is not what it seems.

The Ritual Tradition:

The video in question indeed portrays a religious ritual, not an act of vandalism. The Bhairav Baba’s idol is traditionally pulled, a practice that dates back in time. In the past, this ritual was performed using oxen. However, due to a shortage of oxen, tractors are now employed for this purpose. This custom holds deep religious significance and is an integral part of the Bhairav Baba temple traditions in Rajasthan. Multiple videos and news reports corroborate the fact that this is a long-standing tradition rather than an act of desecration.

It’s essential to emphasize that no temple was broken, and no idols of Bhairav Baba were damaged or insulted during this ritual in Rajasthan. Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that this video is not recent; it dates back to the year 2021. Therefore, the claims being circulated alongside the video are not only misleading but also outdated.


In conclusion, the video circulating on social media depicting the tractor-pulling of Bhairav Baba idols in Rajasthan is not a case of temple desecration or idol insult, but rather a deeply rooted religious tradition. The claims suggesting otherwise are misleading, and it’s essential to fact-check such information before concluding. This incident took place in 2021 and has been misused by certain accounts to spread misinformation. It is crucial to rely on accurate information and refrain from jumping to false conclusions based on misleading narratives.

Claim: The video shows a temple of Bhairav Baba being vandalized and idols being disrespected in Rajasthan.

Fact: The video captures a traditional ritual of pulling Bhairav Baba idols using a tractor, dating back to 2021.

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