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Palestinian Woman Being Harassed
Fact Check

Israel-Palestine— Palestinian Woman Harassed, Indian Right Wing And Pakistanis Made False Claims: Fact-Check

A few days ago, a disturbing video surfaced online showing a Palestinian woman being publicly harassed by a group of people on the road. This video was widely shared by Indian right-wing users and Pakistani propagandists, each spinning their own narrative. The Indian right-wing claimed the woman was Israeli and was being tortured by Hamas terrorists. On the other hand, Pakistani propagandists claimed the woman was Palestinian and was being harassed by Israeli Defence Forces during the recent Israel-Hamas conflict.

Several influencers from the Indian right-wing community continued to circulate the video without proper knowledge of the subject. Notably, accounts such as @doctorrichabjp, @rose_k01 and @UnSubtleDesi were among those spreading this false narrative. Similarly, Pakistani accounts like @currentdotpk set up a fake narrative to support Hamas terrorists in the recent ongoing attacks.

The Real Story of Palestinian Woman Being Harassed in Israel

The truth, however, is quite different. The woman in question being harassed is not Israeli but Palestinian. She was involved in a scuffle with Israeli police and citizens during a protest in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. This protest took place on October 6th, when pro-Palestinian protestors waved their flags. Another video shows the same woman running alongside these protestors.

Israeli police arrested five protesters in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem on Friday for hoisting Palestinian flags during a protest in support of the Palestinian citizens.

Detailed Evidence

The evidence supporting the real story can be broken down into three main parts:

1. Pro-Palestinian Protest: The protest took place in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood on 6th October. This neighbourhood has been a hotbed of tension between Israelis and Palestinians, and it’s not uncommon for protests to occur here. In the photo, we have highlighted Palestinian flags being waved by the protestors. This clearly indicates that it was a pro-Palestinian protest, rejecting the narratives that were being spread online.

Palestinian Woman Being Harassed

2. The Victim: The Palestinian woman who was being chased or harassed by the police was wearing the same clothes as the woman in the video. This is a crucial piece of evidence because it ties her directly to the incident in question. We have highlighted her in the photo for clarity. It’s important to note that while she was indeed chased by the police, she was not a helpless victim as described in the misleading narratives. She was actively involved in the protest and the ensuing scuffle.

Palestinian Woman Being Harassed

3. Israeli Police Uniform: To further support our fact-check, we have provided an image of an Israeli policewoman in uniform. This shows what Israeli police look like, proving that yes, the girl was chased or harassed by a policeman as claimed. It’s worth noting that Israeli police are often present at such protests to maintain order and prevent violence from escalating.

Each piece of evidence points to the fact that the woman in the video is Palestinian and was involved in a protest against Israeli police and citizens.


While there are indeed real videos of Israeli women being tortured by Hamas terrorists circulating online, this particular video has nothing to do with them. It’s crucial to verify information before sharing it to avoid spreading misinformation and propaganda. Following a precise analysis and fact-checking, our team has reviewed the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread below. For more information regarding the incident, kindly read an article by (Archive).

Claim: A video shows an Israeli woman being tortured by Hamas terrorists.

Fact: The woman in the video is Palestinian and was involved in a scuffle with Israeli police and citizens during a protest.

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