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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Video of Buildings Demolition From China, Falsely Being Linked To Gaza: Fact-Check

Misleading Claim

A video has now become viral that appears to be from Gaza, shows a group of multi-storey buildings collapsing at the same time.

Several twitter users tweeted about the video with the caption “Someone please tell the ICC people to postpone the World Cup a bit. Israel’s shots are the most entertaining. 🇮🇱🇵🇸🇮🇱🇵🇸🥴🥴” which has reached to many users.

Misinformation propaganda spreaders profiles on twitter, including Hemraj Dewasi (“@hemrajdewasi29“), SHASHIKANT YADAV (“@ShashikantY10“) made the claim and spread the fake news. The video once again got resurfaced during April 2024. Many accounts, including @Mohd_SameerIND, @worldstatus534, @90s0fficial, @06Vassi, @RanaTells, @Ranajazib07, @zahir32134, @ultimate__d made the claim that the video shows buildings gettings demolished due to massive earthquake in Taiwan. The archive can be read from above.

Analysis and Facts

On social media, a video of fifteen buildings collapsing at once is being viewed. At the moment, the video is trending on the internet. The video is actually from Kanming, which is in the Yunnan province of China.

Some reports state that these skyscrapers were destroyed all at once with 85,000 blasting points being equipped with 4.6 tonnes of explosives. It took complete 45 seconds to demolish it.

They were allegedly destroyed because their basement had flooded and they had been abandoned for a long period. The Liang Star City Phase 2 project, estimated to be worth one billion Chinese yuan, included all of these structures.

Tight security arrangements were put in place when these buildings were being demolished, according to a report. To avoid any emergency situation, the Rescue Departments called eight emergency rescue teams consisting of over 2,000 aid workers as a precaution. These included several trend teams, such as urban management, extensive emergency teams, flood control, and site fire rescue teams.

Check the full video here:

D-Intent Data verifies that the misleading claims about the video is not true and should not be believed.


Several misinformation propaganda spreaders accounts circulated the old video of Buildings Demolition to set their narrative over the ongoing Israel-Palestine Conflict and to get impressions.


Claim- A video of fifteen buildings collapsing at once in a viral video, has been shared, claiming to be from Gaza.

Fact– The truth is that the video is actually from Kanming in the Yunnan province of China and has nothing to do with Israel-Palestine Conflict. The buildings were allegedly destroyed because their basement had flooded and they had been abandoned for a long period.

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